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A typical tale of an ordinary teenager who accidentally summons a demon that eats all his snacks and smokes all his good weed. You know.....a classic :) If you like what you see here come friend me on Facebook for more goodies and funny content: CorneliusGoodfellar
ahhhhh, now skittles slogan "taste the rainbow" makes sense lol
sorry yur bday sucked...if it makes u feel any better i've never been a bday celebration person so all bdays suck to me :)
i hope that's not yur bday party clown!
i went all deadpool for the 1st 3 chapters :)
OH GOD...THE 1ST ISSUE...I WAS LIKE A FRESHMAN PLAYING WITH ADOBE PHOTOSHOP WHILE HOLDING A LIVE GRENADE....umafaahaummmah...i mean yes the gruber character was loosely inspired from die hard but there's princess bride jokes later on :)
lol...that is officially the new title for crabs
holds up cellphone with a zippo gif running "WOOOOOOO!, i was front row at this concert" :)
so wait...does that mean green nyquil is just cheap absinthe :P
i have a feeling skully thinks "day of the dead" is every monday :)
it's a song from the original ghostbusters
this page totally just made these lyrics pop into my head :)

I believe it's magic
lol...i'm def goin full mulder next time i see a maple seed around friends :)
r u sure u weren't just dreaming that a big pile of cartoon money had an thought cloud above it :P....DREAM LAWYERED ZING! :)
u have been chosen by the party kittie...that's a high honor indeed :)
had too much coffee
hey, there's still hope :)...that could just be an elaborate drug drop off masqueraded as a romantic gesture. of course they were later arrested bc the heart shaped E-tabs they were peddling were cut with something more than just love. the lifetime movie will be called Saint Valentine's Day Massacre II: Rave to the Heart. ~FIN~
April 17th, 2019
YuuuuuuuuuuuuuuP! lol
April 10th, 2019
costumed murder gymnastics needs to be on a t-shirt lol
anyone that still uses checkbooks should be classified as a "Financial Sadist" :P
glurg the dungeon wretch should be an adult swim series lol
February 22nd, 2019
death by coupons & car dealer flyers is no way to go :*(