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I'm a shy person, so I probably won't talk much. I love fantasy, horror, anime, comedy, and other stuff. While I do draw, don't expect any comics from me. I'm more of a spectator on this site.
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Ohhhh Maddox that was a dick move. Sorry to curse. Just saying it makes me wanna punch him.
Its been 4 years but I still love this comic!
Cage's expression as he talks about his past and such. He looks so sad and regretful, I just wanna give him a biggg hug!
I just loveee this comic! I like seeing them talk without him getting too nervous:)
His expression in the second panel is adorable:3. He's just so head over heels, its flippin' adorable X33
Awww poor Cage, the downsides of being so tall
Their interactions are adorable:)
Awww Cage is adorable:3. I loveee your characters X333!
It is sad how he doesn't have many friends. He's such a sweet guy. Maybe tutoring Yani he can make more friends:).
Very clumsy is probably more fitting XD
Poor Cage is so nervous. His blushing face is adorable:)
Ouuchhh that must had hurt ><
Awww bless poor nervous Cage. He really wants to make a good impression:)
I'm glad she's willing to give him a chance:)

And omg Futurama reference, lol. Glad to know they like that show XD.
Cutest couple
They are the most adorable:3, just look at their content expressions^^
I'll say it. Cage is just a cutie:3!
Adorable thats all I can say. He's adorable XD.
Awww Cage don't feel bad. I have two nephews and they grew like beans too XD. And that door thing actually happened to one of them.
Tough decisions to make Yani.