I'm a shy person, so I probably won't talk much. I love fantasy, horror, anime, comedy, and other stuff. While I do draw, don't expect any comics from me. I'm more of a spectator on this site.
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Its been 4 years but I still love this comic!
Cage's expression as he talks about his past and such. He looks so sad and regretful, I just wanna give him a biggg hug!
I just loveee this comic! I like seeing them talk without him getting too nervous:)
His expression in the second panel is adorable:3. He's just so head over heels, its flippin' adorable X33
Awww poor Cage, the downsides of being so tall
Their interactions are adorable:)
Awww Cage is adorable:3. I loveee your characters X333!
It is sad how he doesn't have many friends. He's such a sweet guy. Maybe tutoring Yani he can make more friends:).
Very clumsy is probably more fitting XD
Poor Cage is so nervous. His blushing face is adorable:)
Ouuchhh that must had hurt ><
Awww bless poor nervous Cage. He really wants to make a good impression:)
I'm glad she's willing to give him a chance:)

And omg Futurama reference, lol. Glad to know they like that show XD.
Cutest couple
They are the most adorable:3, just look at their content expressions^^
I'll say it. Cage is just a cutie:3!
Adorable thats all I can say. He's adorable XD.
Awww Cage don't feel bad. I have two nephews and they grew like beans too XD. And that door thing actually happened to one of them.
Tough decisions to make Yani.
Strange fears
Well it is to me. Dunno what was so intimidating about Cage. I was quiet envious of my taller classmates XD. And the strength. Dunno about that, but that strength would come in handy if you need help carrying heavy stuff around