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@Koal: I'm sorry about the delay. I didn't intend for it to be so long. I've tried to explain it all here ( imbo/ ), but I still should've posted something sooner.
@DragonMoonWolf: No offense taken! The old one was a little dark. Thank you! My friend Pokemontrainergigi made it for me.
On the bright side, the system hasn't locked her out for too many failed login attempts. She can spastically type in as many passwords as she wants without risking the self-reflection or rational thought a waiting period might bring.
@Pokemontrainergigi: Probably. XD
Of course it couldn't be that easy, as interesting as Claire reclaiming her humanity with a bunch of barely used box Pokemon would be. I may have missed an opportunity with this comic. Oh well.
By today's standards, the PCs in Fire Red look understandably outdated. I tried to replicate the basic design as much as possible but added to it's bulk a bit to account for Pokemon withdrawals/deposits and various item storage. It's gotta be able to fit the X number of balls moving around at one time, as well as any heavy items that are put into it, even if both are eventually teleported to a separate location.

Additionally, given how free the services of Pokemon Centers seem to be, it's understandable to the government funding them had to make some cuts. The PCs getting updated is not necessary as the healing machines, especially if your health care budget isn't high enough to cover costs. But as long as nothing gets hurt, people probably wouldn't push as hard to replace it. I mean, if it ain't broke...
I'm back!...again...
Hopefully things should be moving at a faster pace. Delays this time were caused by some complications with moving and my own lack of motivation after dealing with such issues but now things are back on track! Here we see more background trainers enjoying the Pokemon Center. Viridian City attracts all types of trainers, being so close to Victory Road. Some are local newbs from Pallet or Viridian, while others are veterans, all hoping to conquer the league...

I tried to keep the Pokemon Center's design similar to the in-game version, but took some liberties, especially with the wallpaper. It's a little simpler, but at least my center has two escalators instead of one. I get not using assets unnecessarily, but does that work realistically? Do customers switch the direction it goes, like with an elevator, or does an aide do it? What if multiple people want to go in different directions at the same time? Is it like crosswalks where everyone has to wait their turn or...? I just don't get it.

Also, am working on updating the character pictures for the character page. My friend says they look fine on her computer but the lineart looks kinda crappy on my end. I dunno. They're a bit old anyways. It'll make me feel better at least.
Lorem ipsum mixed with random English (or translated Pokemon) words...that's like a whole new level of gibberish. While I get that it's supposed to be an info dump and that's not what he's actually saying, it's kinda fun to imagine that Sheikh is actually rambling mixed language nonsense.
If it wasn't for the color, I'd totally buy one of those Ursaring hoodies. I never knew why they liked making so many shinies a bright green. I mean for Ursaring I could totally see it being like a Gummi Bear but I can't find a reason for everyone. At least it's more noticeable than some shinies, who just have a slightly darker coloring.

As for updates, I know they are a bit sporadic. I'll try to fix that in the future but for now I have a ton of real life stuff going on. Maybe sometime I'll be able to hit that 1-2 updates a week goal I had, but these next couple weeks aren't gonna be it. I apologize. I know I say the same thing every few weeks, but...I'll get the hang of it all someday.
And they never saw her again.
So I'm not super good at subtlety. I'm sure that's a bit obvious with this page. In unrelated news, yesterday I learned vampire bats are capable of walking, as you can see <ins>here</ins& gt;. It's both adorable and a little unsettling.
Roxie used Return. It's super effective!
@M.W: Thank you!
Random thoughts about fire types...
So how do smoke detectors/sprinkers in the Pokemon world work around fire Pokemon? Like since Charmander or Alolan Marowak or whatever don't set off alarms every time they enter a public building in the anime, I guess their flames don't produce enough (if any) smoke, but...what about in gym battles? Would a fire Pokemon risk setting off the alarm in a gym or would they not have them in battle areas? I mean, sure Brock had one in his gym in the anime, but like...what if someone picked Charmander? Would a few stray ember attacks have set it off? It's possible the sprinklers are less sensitive to Pokemon's fire or a quick, controlled fire attack wouldn't be enough to trigger it...But if the trainer didn't train their Pokemon well or the fire Pokemon goes on a rampage or something, would that be enough to set an alarm off?

I don't know. It's just something I was thinking about while sketching this page, especially considering Claire's reactions. From a realism standpoint, considering the dangers of Pokemon, they'd probably have smoke alarms that would douse Claire before she could do much damage. As amusing as that might be, I've had enough distractions from the plot as it is. I guess we'll say smoke detectors in every room just wasn't in this place's budget.
Happy Anniversary!
Today marks the comic's first anniversary! And nothing really has happened so far...I really need to work on updating more. Or at the very least I need to increase the story pace. Thank you guys for sticking with me and tolerating the slow start. Considering how little has happened plot wise, I'm surprised so many of you are here. I appreciate the support and hope to continue making a decent story. Hopefully we'll be significantly further along by next least out of Viridian City...please.

Sorry there's not really much going on this page. I kinda hoped the anniversary page would be a bit more exciting, just didn't work out. I might do an extra at some point, but I'm a bit conflicted on what to do with them. I don't want to put them at the beginning of the comic because people might see spoilers or have to navigate through filler but I also don't want to disrupt the flow of the story by having an extra interrupt the scene. I was thinking I might put them in between chapters but...I'll figure something out. In the meantime I guess....Claire's turning that doorknob.
Screw you guys, I'm going home.
Sorry for not updating in a few weeks. I got a little sidetracked. Next page is mostly sketched out though, so I should be getting back on track.
@Pokemontrainergigi: I remember naming the Ampharos "Jove" because you had already used "Jupiter" in your PMD Sky run. After I was asked to change Tato's name, I thought I would prevent further redundancies. Then you asked me to change it to "Jupiter" because you said you liked it better. Either way, they both refer to the same deity, so it doesn't matter much.
@Haunshaul: That would've been pretty cool. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to alter sprites though, so some of the effect might've been lost.
@Haunshaul: Thanks!