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June 15th, 2014
Oh gosh, Hera's side of the story is turning out very interesting *_*

I was wondering if there would be a mention of Ganymedes at some point? or some side story maybe? ('cause I really like his story too, it would be wonderful if you could draw that, if you'd like of course.)
I live just an hour away of that port! (or probably less in normal traffic...)

Though it would've been easier to hit one of the river ports at Iquitos or even head straight for Piura city (Hot as freaking hell, even in winter, but the non-vacational sites a.k.a. the town has pretty much everything)

Than again I ramble because I just get excited that Peru get somewhat a mention me ish happy ;u; ♥
hhlkajdshffdgaksjfh NAOTO DON'T GO THERE OMG




I thought Shizu didn't really like Naoto and was a tad annoyed by him, but I guess he also has a soft spot for him (even when Kurogawa wasn't very nice he did give in to Naoto in the end).

It would be so very cool to see him develop more these favoritism he has for Naoto and turn them into something more intense, awww yes ;u;!
This is one of my favorite pages so far XD the drool, the christmas thing, the not-a-sodomite thing XDDDDDDD

I really like Nicolli as a character (as a person well... one has to understand she knows close to nothing on many matters... it's like trying to live based on what you see on TV, except she's all about the books). One of the things I like about her is that she's very straight forward, she might be a bit dense but she really means well and well, she's just plain hilarious XD It's actually kind of refreshing to find a character that makes we want to strangle her as much as I want to hold her caringly XD
So many things come into mind after reading this, especially at Shizu's socked face XDDDDD

Meanwhile the people in the back seem to bepaying more attention to the conversation than they should XDD
Its a pity when the person you like is so dense XD
I have a feeling that from this page on I'm going to start drowning in my Naoto feels. asdfgahdsfghfsd
@Kiri Kitsune: I didn't get that one either
will there be a printed version for overseas? (I really REALLY want a printed version ;A;!)
@Quadrant: There is nothing more I can say after such a perfect comment omg XD
I see she share's both Kane's liking for books and blond people XD
Reveeeeengee >:D
Sorry if it seemed like I was commenting negatively, I'm not at all against using rape or anything as a creative resource for a story.
@Itoshii: I think you took everything I said in all the wrong ways XD I didn't even mention not even got close to the words or concept of "good time". I'm not even close to being rational XD all I was doing was trying to put feelings into words and how I perceive the scene. When I said that Sacha gives up and takes what Mikal is giving him, I meant it as a "surrender" and... oh why do I bother, I feel like I'm only going to make things worse :'D

Anyway, I didn't mean anything above in a bad way, I just like to do insights on everything and probably I'm digging for a deepest meaning when it's just sex.

And like you said, Rape is a delicate matter that needs to be handled carefully. But then again as it was said above, it's often used in yaoi comics, so...
@thebucketless: I love you XD <3


I keep wondering who is the one that Naoto is in love with... something tells me it's not Kaoru (as much as I want it to be, I can see the potential with Shizu... but oh dear, a threesome would be so awesome~! /rolls all over the place)
Woman are know to have fantasies about rape, it's a common thing. Of course, the "rape" we are talking about is a fantasy thing and it's shaped to the woman's liking (maybe more like a dub-con I'm guessing?).

Rape irl is another thing. No one has a right to abuse anyone, nor encourage others to do so. Rape irl is about violence, dominance, power and humiliation. No one should have to ever go through that.

What I've been seeing in these last pages is how Mikal is dealing with his own feelings. He was in love with him and yet he was betrayed (or so he feels) so his feelings of love twisted into hate, hence he lets loose these feelings and desires for Sacha in a negative way, wanting to hurt him and returning the pain he feels now.

Meanwhile Sacha, who can't really explain things to Mikal because he won't listen, can only quietly receive exactly what he is being given: pain in both his body and heart.

And that was my insight on this comic, now please go on :'D

happens all the time.

I especially hate it when people assume I'm a lesbian because of things I like or my manner of speaking.

Bitches pls. There is more to a book that its cover. Assuming things is never good.

Besides I'm more of a pansexual but meh, got a bit side tracked :'D

I love your comic~ <3 it always brightens my mood to read one of your pages! /and now I run away/

March 24th, 2013
I foresee both Hades and Zeus modeling underwear for some reason.

Bwahahaha xD