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Hai Taicho
Wat? I have okay English but my spelling is bad at times.
Call me Taicho, or Captain. It's the same thing. Different languages. So it's up to you.
Hai Taicho means Yes Captain, FYI.

You will read my comic and you will LIKE IT!

I'm a person for creepy storys and journal/real life comics.

Hawhaw! *is a comic addict freak*
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@Pinta77: wow... someone... commented... I'm a little shocked. I haven't updated in forever and SOMEONE FOUND ME. This art is so bad, i was thinking of doing a re-draw of what I have...
BAG HEAD. BH. ... hmm... bags are fun~
Just wow. So much for "in a few days.."
Da hell. Sorry guys I had to take an emergency trip on short notice and didn't have the time to do anything but go. So here's the much delayed page.
bring it on!! I wants to know what happensssss
I just about shit myself
Lol it's okay dude I thought he ment home too XD
I think holm meaning home...?
I love this kid, he's so casual.
XD i'm laughing to hard to say anything else!!
Lol that would be awesome
Um sorry to break it to you man, but you dun got legs. Or arms... or a body... yeeeaaaaah...
I feel extremely attracted to that man... O_o
That wasn't as gory as I thought it would be but still awesome.
@ xXnerd101Xx: I know that riddle the answer is you shadow.
TOO AWESOME!! I can just see it in the papers... DEATH BY CLOCKS!!!
Deep shit just turned into a lake.
Pfft I I laughed a loud at that last pannel cause that's what i do all day.
Man i'm just lovin' this stoy! I saw creepy story and I'm like YUUUUUUSSSSSS!!!!!! *clicky and fav* even before I start reading
(´ ▽`)。♡
OMG! Look! Hack Girl actually has cleavage! XD