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tomster 785
well I like to sprite, I like to use pivot, I like to make web comics, I like to abuse graphics gale
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this is the first good one
well not that good but its a start
all I did was move the letters up and down I thought it might ave a good effect
the thing on the back? rhats the backpack
these were fully cutom by me though for a referance I used a police officer (it was the first one I got my "digital" hands on)
what about when he's walking the other way (the opposite way is what I'm talking about so his back is to the screen)
I might help I'll russle up a sheet
I'll go back to it tommorow or whenever I update next
what do you think of the new font?
well you havent been very far on the internet then
it would be here right arm
ok whats so awkward about it
I must of accidently put 1983 instead of 1993... well I did rush the sign up thing, BTW this is my first comic... ever and I promise the next comic will be original