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student of systems engineering
likes metal and rock
doesn't like formal clothes
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    fernando castilla
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why is he laughting
athena's toughts
i imagined she thinking something along: "oh you can stay the way you are boy" .-.

i just remembered this comic, i dropped it just as kore finished her situation, and some days ago i remembered "hero bones"(thing about hermes being my fav character :D )
so i just want to say that i love your stories and the way you present (i dont know how to say this well in english xD) your characters
hugs from colombia ;)
damned computer posting my unfinished comment...

you know? i love how you draw hermes :D
and how he talks xD
just look at hecate's face jajajaja
... in the last panel... that Griffin... looks so damned cute! brb going to punch a wall to feel manly again
Ohh i see, you gotta admit its easy to misunderstand jajaja, depends on the reader? Great work as always
this makes my heart ache :(
i remember one time i smiled to someone just to broke in tears right away
i love this page :D!!
athena looks really beautifull in the pane with kore singing

still kinda freaked out about kore's son xD

*runs away from the computer*
now that's something i hadnt tought of, but still somehow i doubt it.
btw athena is so expresive :O i love her faces great work here!
zeus is bipolar
i was never quite interested in greek mythos only most recently have i begun to read about it (quite funny sometimes), but some of my friends made me have a zeus-is-a-insensilbe-bastard line of tough xD i like how you depict him here
how was that? athena's birth?
talking about hades?
btw i love the third panel XD
and the face of athena in the fifth one(something like realG4life jajajaja)
i loved hera all this page <3 especially her facial xpresions and the way she grabs her dress when flying to artemis and kore xD
i loved this page :O great work as always
btw i just imagined demeter saying "dont you mess with ma dauther b!tches!" xD
i think sophia and grey would make a great couple :)
"good. because nnext time i'll hit you back" omg this made my day xD
i wanna know what hera called rhea
jerks with magic
im reading a spanish manga called "5 elementos" wich basically resumes what could happen if everybody got magic
what is caldwell last name?
im not kinda a fan of the red cheeks if not for embarrasmet :/ still the drawing is amazing and the story is more amazing :D
i remember my mother giving me a smack when i was 13 xD i deserved it too jajajaja