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Abuelas are usually trying to kill you...
With food.
December 10th, 2017
I mean, that makes Howie have 1 more girlfriend than he does. So rude, god.
December 3rd, 2017
I love your art style and coloring <3 Please keep up the amazing work!
BEFORE Everyone get's high and might
Remember how you all get when you're hungry... It doesn't excuse how hard he's feeding, but remember he was being starved for a few days...
Like your arm...
The end.
Am I the only one that pictured Dr. Faciliers "Friends on the Other Side" playing in the background as Chance lit up his... cigar? xD
We are all Alice. <3 Hahaha
Why is everyone on this page so hot? Hahahaha
What would living together be like for you two?
Well now...
Yes. The answer is YES!
Ohhhh, his family is Portuguese? That's just lovely! I thought they were from South America at first, but when you mentioned Ponte Delgada, I immediately knew haha!
May 4th, 2016
Did some animals escape the mutation? :O
@arswiss: He could be an albino, for all we know? Milk hasn't given us any bio that details their biology. Plus we can't really put a lot of real world logic into a fantasy world.
He's basically telling him he should toughen up emotionally to be able to handle the situation they're going to be in, where a lot of people are going to die. Which for someone who just lost his brother, being told to "get over it" won't help with the process of grieving. I'm sure this scene will eventually lead to them getting closer together. :3
@arswiss: And Heterochromia Iridis is a real condition, it'd be kinda silly for them to discriminate against something that can occur naturally. :3
July 14th, 2015
Do you hear that?
It's the sound of a glass heart smashing into little tiny pieces! :D
-smooshes them together-
NOW KISS. &#9829; Poor baby, he's so high.