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He can offer them his money? Or his cigs. I know! He can offer them George!
Lolwut? She doesn't remember him?
If this is how she tries to catch Pokemon, i'm not surprised he's blind. I'm more surprised he isn't crippled and locked up in a psychiatric asylum, or dead, and her in jail.
Stein and Elle better get Alan Grant down. >.>
Lol, Jurassic Park XD
Oooh, can't wait to see whats next. o.O
Really, we're using anime logic instead of game logic? >.>
Ah well. Didn't think I'd see George using a word like "bitch", though, you know, swearing.
that alt text :3
Hey, its Chris's frrm from Rumple. Now if only he made the face....
Hmmm....So is that what he wanted to be instead waaay back when he told his mom he didn't want to train Pokemon? An artist?
(Formerly known as Anon3636)
Whoaaa. Rumplestiltskin. Nice. :D

Edit:Or not. At least halfway, in any case. Who tha heck is max?