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September 9th, 2013
YAAY THIS UPDATED~~~ I love the hand lettering!! Did you make the page size bigger too?? AND I love how the bird is saying you have to be patient and I'm sitting here thinking "YES I CAN PATIENTLY WAIT FOR UPDATES" omg HAhaha I'm sorry <__<;; xD

Really excited that you're motivated to work on this again!! I can't wait to see your story unfold no matter how long it takes!! I'll be right here!! GO CHIKA!! ♥♥
OMG IT'S STARTING!!!!!!!!!! I'm torn between keeping up with the online updates and just waiting for my order to arrive ;u; THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!! I love OSCP ♥
Omg ;0; That was such a cute update!! Thanks for your hard work! Sasha's sad story omg sobsob ;___; I know that feel, I hate walking alone in an unfamiliar place!!
January 1st, 2013
Whoohoo!! Another character!! :DD I love the little talking bird! I'm trying to imagine what its voice would sound like *w* Also, that guy's outfit OMG. The sailor suit bow thing on a sweater that's so precious xD
And as usual I always LOVE your coloring, Chika!!!! so so beautiful! ;U;
December 30th, 2012
YAY CHIKA YOU UPDATED!!! (haha you can see I changed my name... OTL) This page is so beautiful!!! I love the colors in the trees and the black squiggly bubbles and all the pretty colors around his body!!! What a great effect!! :DDD