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Hi. I like apples, oranges and pi=3.1415926535
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Nice comment pixies, anyways, why u so good at drawing messed up characters. It brings so much more character to the story!
I don't think I need to comment on Meduza's awesomeness. But that rhyhorn, kind of looks badass in a more like shadowy way compared to Meduza's awesomeness in her methods and thinking.
You make shellos look better than they should
I got a bone to pick with you

But still notices bandages huh
@Kurona: Nah, its the raticate that he lost. After the SSanee rival battle, your rival seems to have lost his raticate. Rumours have it that the raticate died and now rest in the tower.
That sleep man, a man has to sleep when he has to sleep.
Meduza! Love her, so strong, so cool and so street smart.

And the blue tongue makes tyranitar look more lizard than huge monster like.
A halo is telling you to stop playing halo to make this comic. Must be a message from a halo.
Suddenly, they actually stick together, literally with glue. Foreshadowing.
Xatu, the staring master. Who knows what he is thinking about.
Zuko acting badass in 7th panel
It's all pokemon logic
Why was the first quater submissions removed, would like to view them again