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I enjoy anime and manga , drawing , writing , and hanging with friends.

I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. Although I fell out of drawing for a few years. I came back into it with an even stronger passion. I started digital art around 2007 and have done most of my work on the computer since.

I often start every thing by hand then redo it digitally.

I use Paint.NET for outlines , Pixia for coloring and shading and GIMP for everything else. Update: I now use Manga Studio aswell.
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Week three of extras
Today we have an info sheet on Therius. Really other then an new image of Therius the only new thing here is his full name and that he likes to run! Expect the others in the coming weeks!
Week two of extras
Here we have the written languages used by people of the world of Wolf and Bear.

Textures from calthyechild on thanks for the resource pack!
We're back! (kinda)
Textures from calthyechild on thanks for the resource pack!

Udron (Oo-der-on) is where the girls and Tchotchke are from
Sejan (See-gen)is Brynner's homeland but he grew up in Udron
and Aqad (Ah-quad)is where Therius was born. He also grew up in Udron.

Starting today , every Thursday there will be an update with extras about the world the characters live in!

Sorry for such a long an unannounced hiatus but everyone working on the comic are high school students entering their last year, so as you can imagine the late winter and all of spring was a busy time for us. We had to limit our writing and drawing times so we could keep our grades up!

Now with summer here we plan on pumping out more pages.

We're using the summer as a chance to get caught up and hopefully get chapter one done. Regular pages will be started again this fall starting in September or October and running though to the new year. Until the fall updates will be under the 'Summer Extra 2014' category and will be things like maps , character backgrounds and more.
well would you look at this...
...We updated on time! Despite illnesses we got the next page to you on time!
sorry for the delay
Sorry for the long delay of this page and also to inform you that due to illness the next page will be delayed. Sorry for all the delays we'll be back on schedule soon!
Sorry but we'll be on hiatus now
Little hand moving big door = no logic

Allison recently lost her internet and Sarah can't get on often herself so we'll be taking a hiatus until December 1st (at least maybe longer) sorry for the inconvenience!
a dare it is
well do you?
Page two is here
ooo what's that?
page one and we go
Here's the first page , please enjoy.
We just started and have been slow but unfortunately we'll be hitting a ruff patch soon as Allison will be losing her internet until mid to late November..we have three more page after this one which will be posted a scheduled (one page every Sunday) but we can't guarantee anything past that until at least the end of November sorry.
Cover Page Is Ready!
It will be a bit before we start releasing the pages, but for now enjoy the comic cover page/title page call it what you will.
Finally going to start positing the comic!
Hmm I wonder what's going on here....?