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@WiispNightmare: Are you new here?
Silent has no logical explanation.
@BattleStarX: I'm forming a resistance right now.
Don't know what happened, but Kirby lost his ability.
I see ghosts and Slender-Dee, things can go wrong at any second!
@Gigi19972010: Happy Birthday!!! Feliz Aniversário!!!
Elieel's face when you lose the minigame always kinda scared me, luckily this is an easy one.
Hmmm, what Kirsy might be doing?
Fiz just made trough all that, and then just left...
Knowing Silent, he's probably just chilling now, or climbing back, or doing... something... only he know what.
Mistake on panel 3: "She used to the boss here".
It's official, Fizrim and Gooey are my favorite duo now.
You'd think Kirby would get better at driving a Warpstar.
@Nashew: Dunno, lost count at the fourth or fifth... Your comment broke my brain.
@BattleStarX: The thing is, sanity and Silent cannot coexist.
@Warpstar: My guess was that the very first one was also called Kirby, but who knows...
I knew it involved 0 or 02.
That's definetly not going to cause anny problems later. *Sarcasm*
The world may know, if Kibby is both, then there is a diference.