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This is all based on a true story, right?
I just want Max to scream "Max Power!"
About me
So.... I don't work in a call center anymore. I called a customer a 'fucking moron' and got caught. I didn't get fired right out, but things got awkward, so I just quit. Being unemployed makes me happy :) Why do people bitch about it so much? Related link:
when the fight's over, Max should change his ringtone.
@MannyKat8x: he's probably thinking, "dieing isn't so bad."
I like to taunt my enemies in a fight too. It's funny to watch people stumble when they are blinded with rage.
I really like "possessed Max's" demeanor. It's like if real Max finally snapped.
Let's get some direction in here...
@Psychikos: We need to get Guardian Ghost in the Comic Spotlight on Smack Jeeves
Fantastic Max, Mighty Max, Maxx Power, Max Payne, Mad Max....
@MannyKat8x: I imagine the wraith taking out a voice recorder, "Once again I find my subject not responding positively to the 'wall slamming' technique. Perhaps he didn't hit at the correct velocity, or maybe I should scrap my theory of this method altogether....."
it's me
@genocideMonkey: I'm not a guest =P
@Cassanthia: If I saw my child floating I'd be like, "Since when do I have a kid!?"
Crossing Over
MannyKat8x, author of Guardian Ghost, was nice enough to let me do a crossover between our webcomics! I hope you like it! Also, please visit Guardian Ghost at this URL: There you can learn the history of the two ghost characters in the final panel.
Haha =)
Max's face in the last panel is what I look like at work all day long.
Guest Comic
Hey! I would like to do a crossover comic for a guest comic. It would be between Unverified Bacon (my series) and Guardian Ghost. Would that be cool? I'd give it to you and then I would wait to post it on my sight until after you decided to post it on yours.
Haha, yeah, it's a style choice. This is my other comic, and its in full color:
Notice a change>?
New and improved Derrick!
AHHH!!! I feel like you stole my thought bubble!
i really like the art style!