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Just a giant loser that works on comics.
Me, 2 years later: hey...this page looks really familiar? Like I...OH YEAH.
"And we call Articuno the bringer of Winter because she just. Freezes EVERYTHING. As soon as fall is over? Boom, she is there- waiting to taint everything with icicles. If her temple doesn't give her enough offerings over the other seasons? She sends out an early blizzard. Not just any blizzard- like a WICKED three day storm. It's pretty nuts."
Wow Pudgey, judgmental much? Maybe she was raised on some weird island where no one lives and has no knowledge of the legendaries? Maybe she was a human turned pokemon and is not familiar with these "legendaries" you speak of. Maybe she just needs a refresher after a long, hard day. Life is hard man.
Au where Naya stays behind. "I can't leave the water, it's just too great." Naya spends so much time in the water, she becomes a water type. Naya does not get the stone and doesn't meet Echo. The comic changes its name to Pokemon: Rising Waters. Naya gets old dies where she's happiest- in the water. The end.
"Mist won the bet. There was a person here after all."
"Really? This visit wasn't a waste of time and you managed to help someone out that needed it?"
"Darn...too bad about that bet. Let's get back."
Isthmus standing behind his bro, Talon. Really wanted him to win that bet.
I saw that you had posted some new* pages of this comic, and I wanted to be able to experience them in their glory with a read through. I have to say, I really missed reading this comic over the long time I've been away. The Talon/Mist banter is a delight to read, and it fits nicely with the serious tone of the prologue.

I was gonna wait until I got to the most recent page until I said something, but I HAD to make a joke about this page. I couldn't wait.

Talon: "Hmm... What is a Flareon doing out here? More importantly... What am *I* doing out here?"

*new, to me, are pages that were posted like a year ago and posted onward lol
Well, recently I stopped by after receiving another tablet pen to check on SmackJeeves to see if anything happened while I was gone, and holy cow! 100 fans? When did this happen. What.

I'll do something special for it later, but for now be appeased with a comic page. S/O at Splatoon for stalling this a lot longer than it originally was being stalled.
@Lady Darkrina: Haha, it got a chuckle out of me if that means anything

And thanks! I tried, and I'm glad I succeeded. Yippee!
Well I tried to step up my coloring style this time around, and I feel like I did.

Sorry about the slow update schedule! i'm super busy with school and such and I don't feel like working on it everyday. Blegh. I'll one day have a constant update schedule outside of my dreams...
@willky7: nope you exactly got his character down to a T A+

and thanks!
I don't care that it's been a year, I'm still replying
@MischievousMew Thanks!

@rym218 All in time, my friend

@SilverJettSix Probably literally

@T-H-E GUY Tired, lazy, and much much more

@princessprt Not even. More or less Super duper ultra late and somehow came back on time.
@Nekomata-chan Thanks! It'll take a miracle to balance both comics along with my other projects, but I'll get there. Someday.

And nice minion guide. You should post it on some walkthrough website and title it "Minion guide: How to get good minions and have them do your artist bidding" It'll get so popular society as we know it will morph around this simple guide.

@T-H-E GUY Yeah, this comic has been through some pretty rough times, along with major revisions over the years, but I don't think I'll ever completely discontinue it due to the nature of it

@wugfish @sconic123 It's nice to be here, thanks!

@SpeedBoostTorchic Thanks!

He actually does do this, which sets up nicely for future things down the line (mainly: jokes) Just as a fun fact I guess is that I almost made it where he was narrating his side of the story from a place in the comic that seemed distant, but I think it'll better show character growth if I make it current thoughts. There's a bunch more reasons too, but yeah that's the gist of it.

Glad to know that I am not the only one that does this irl.

Neko is forgetting to mention that I actually came to her and offered to support her in her ruling, but those ways are quite effective as well.
I did say "sometime this week"

And I did just that, just a one year off.

Anyway, nice to see you all again. I'm not sure how much I'll be updating due to other projects, BUT I will do this a LOT more than a year. I had a lot of issues deciding what to do next and stuff.

Anyway, time to answer comments!

Edit: I mostly fixed it but this emotion is here to stay: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@NO: If you look at the dates, the new cover came CLEAR after this page came out, and when I made the comment. The only way to know it was a zoura beforehand was to dig into the deep depths of Rym's DA gallery, which not everyone does when reading a story. So, please, do not 'duh' me master sass.
@Dragon: Aw, thanks! I was planning to completely ditch this comic for a while, but now I'm working towards reworking the first chapter to flow a bit better with the story I had in mind, and ditching these pages into a folder somewhere. I have no idea when this will happen though, since I'm currently working on Rising Shadows with Neko.
I'm now officially Neko's minion.

May Giratina have mercy upon my soul

Probably won't talk much, just silently work and watch what happens.
whoa page 2 months later. yeah im late again sue me.

im just in my comic rut, which it the reason why i have never finished a prototype of this comic yet. im probably still not out of it yet but actually overcoming the urge to restart every single detail and start from scratch again is a huge step. Let's hope i keep it at that and i do a good job on the next page of explaining everything better. and get past this really lame introduction to chapter 1 hahaha

anyway i am going to work hard to have the next page up sooner than this one. yeeah. like this week maybe? Yes lets hope for that.

Good night.
who knows, only time can tell who the pidgey could possibly be...

Wow I never thought I would get to this point! at all! thanks guys for taking the time to actually try to care about this comic (which I highly appreciate)because without your comments and support, I would not have bothered to get this far so yeah thanks!
Yay new page! Hopefully you like the coloring, took me quite a while. I'll respond to comments l8r