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wait. wait. wait. WHAT?!
I just started reading this earlier tonight. Let's just say that I spent the last 10 minutes trying to figure out why my internet wasn't working so I could go to the next page. There is no next page right now. I am dying to see what comes next! Love your characters and I love your drawing style and I love your story.
wait. Moma has tail feathers....Is Gannet going to grow tail feathers?! Oh. My. God. The yaoi scenes going through my head.
Yes. *determined stare*
So glad you're back!! Can't wait to read the new story <3
@TDKeh16: YES!! *nods frantically* I agree. Very much so.
@ZHODY the delfinator: its Kyle not kylee its supposed to be normal. reread the page and you should get it
I absolutely adore Liv's hair these last few pages <3 It looks sooooo soft. Makes me wanna touch it ^-^

So lovely. *melts* I needs more....
Liv you better hurry up before Arii gets back. that'd be a ridiculously awkward situation.
ARCO!! You can't leave your room like that! The girls will kidnap and jump you!! Ooooor at least I would, but definitely bring the Brynn too.
Arii and his pierced nipples!! lol
@Rukuyu: But he really should have though! that would have been great if he had XD
AN UPDATEEE!!! *melts* And its in color tooo~
December 20th, 2015
If I was a guy I'd so do Howie's hairstyle. It's quite lovely.
@KathyJDB: He's never been able to breathe the air. It's a controlled environment in the tank and within Arii's home.
XD I got kiev. People have even said i look like Kiev but slightly older and more feminine (before i cut and turned my hair purple)
Favorite page ever!! Love his nondramatic entrance.
@forbidden1997: its generally a salty fried bread made from corn meal and served with other southern foods.

I love mine with mash potatoes and gravy. The best is always the grandmother's.