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Makin' comics like I have the time

Or, like at the moment... not making comics

@WhiteTigerCubMia: You're welcome! I think it's the art style and the fact that it's a bunny that makes it a bit creepy haha.
SB's blank/happy expression is a mask to his dark inner self pfft
This comic is just so deadpan and dark... it's somehow so foreboding it's great.

That was a terrible sentence but you get what I mean pfft
@benzy: Well I am renowned for my long, less-than-informative comments on deviantart so I won't hold back too much pfft
I went back and coloured a page of one of my comics (I used to just be against coloured comics because it frustrated me that there are so many amazing black and white comics out there that don't get a look in because people are drawn to colour) but they both have their positives. Sometimes it's in your best interest to get a big block of your story done...I'm tempted to go back to black and white but... but the colours... so... I mean, one of my characters has pink hair, what's not to like colouring that? haha
I improved at black and white through doing it so even if you're not entirely happy with some pages, you'll be getting on with the story and there's nothing stopping you from going back and tweaking some things when you've improved at it.
Oh another cool thing you can do it monochromatic which can be easier for some people than just grey or what-have-you.
People will still be drawn in if the first pages are in colour, so once you have them in your grasp... muahaha!

*Sings all I ever wanted from the animated film, /The Prince of Egypt/*

Does he have bad wind? or does he have a bad habit of moving things. So you'll put your letter on the table and he'll move it onto the stairs and you ujus sdfsdh

Sorry I don't even know what I'm talking about, I'm low on sleep.
But yes, excited for more! WOO
@benzy: ahh that's okay! You're welcome.
I try to avoid things being to dark because, like you, I never (well, hardly ever) colour my outlines, so as I said, the details the details. All that said, you could probably make it insta-better just with levels in photoshop.
I'm novice level colouring haha but I find myself reading about all the things that I should be doing so I feel the need to pass it on pfft Like the fact that, composition wise, you're supposed to always make your background darker, or less saturated than whatever is in the foreground so that the eye is drawn to the right places. Obviously a rule that you can break but yeah. Don't know where I was going with that
ahh yes your colouring is getting better and better!
Also, that tensed hand/ claw pose in the second panel, I just really like it. I can never draw hands in that kind of pose but you nailed it!
I need to do the fanart thing even if just to draw her rad gloves with knuckle-duster type thingys
oh and her muscles, gotta love drawing muscles haha
@RedClause: you're welcome! Keep it up
I really do like your colour palette.

I would say, it's better to update in black and white than not at all. Flat colours can also be just as effective sometimes, and way quicker. A lot of comics I know also use cell shading quite a lot too.

The important thing about black and white comics is contrast. It's not necessary to pull your hair out over details or colouring in comics sometimes, because at times the story is way more important.

Anyways (woah this comment got long) Really like what you've got so far, got lots of questions about that guy and what's going on :)
I'd say that last panel is a tad too dark, it might be my monitor but I can hardly see the details.
Apart from that I really like how you've coloured the big guy's skin. Awesome work.
Skip on over to my deviantart for some tasty extras like this!
Is that a decepticon shirt or am I going mad?!
Also, I'll agree that panels one and two are badass, colouring and layout are pretty damn bangin'
Oh shoot. I was only describing a small horde. Like a small, book club size ya know? Haha is the guy just gonna try and leave?
@The Orange Cow: Wow, thanks dude! :'D
@Wilsonious: Yeah and it didn't take much, he goes really sparkly
2am is the best time for comics to upload

I like your cute lil backgrounds. And the rabbit and...I like this
double page spread page yes woot
Ahhh this page is really nice, the soft line art and colours are awesome! :) Hopefully you'll pick this up again idk
It's a kinda hit and miss method

baddum chhh

Anyway, nice job on this
is there a horde of zombies coming? I wonder...
NOOOOOOOOOOOO there's no next button
Caught up again

I think I like spring the best but I can't say for sure. Autumn is pretty rockin'...

Anyway, awesome work broski
omfg *SLINK*
I can't.
Phillip puts up with so much shit
I apologise for any lack of clarity on this page. I'll try and allow more room for any action in the future!

(Just in case)
Rory pulls Morris behind him as this giant dude is about to stab Morris with a knife, Rory catches his arm and somehow manages to stall him before he reaches for the wall and knocks him out. Morris steps over a sword previously dropped by Rory as he runs for his life.

Thanks for reading my comic!