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Glad you're back!
Hey there! Glad to see you posting again. Life gets in the way which is not fair but what can you do?? Anyway, good to see this continuing and looking forward to more! :)
Love the drawings and story so far!! Glad I discovered your comic! :)
WOW! Really love the detail, color, and shading of this cover. He looks so peaceful there! Be a shame to wake him! hehe Great job, Poppy!
WOW!!!! New reader and waiting for the next page!!! HURRY!
I meant.."Not Sympathetic"..!!! He is NOT!
Jax..the smooth talker!
Yup. That silver tongue of his is what gets him the action. But will it work on Enoch???? I hope not as Jax is not coming across as very sympathetic...More slut-like. Yup. SLUT! Anyway, Nice ABS on E..!!!!! Keep it up! :)
Hey now!
Ooooo...finally seeing some of E's goods...! And damn if J is smirking! What a perv!!
@Poppy: Jollyolly, 14 Feb 2013 07:20 pm Reply Delete
Oh wow! Yup, he's naked all right! Thanks a million times for my present! He came out so yummy, didn't he? :) The heart is positioned nicely too...hehehe Can't wait for him to come along in your story! I'm looking forward to more special posts of this guy ... weeeeee!! :)