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Horribly Right, Horribly Wrong
Had Zakris not acted, Naima would have lived the life of luxurious prisoner. She would have had no aspirations or dreams and outside of immediate family and guards, no contact with people. His actions were horrible and Naima lost the rest of their family but this was the only way the poor girl could have a life of freedom (if you count a life filled with royal obligation truly free but that';s a different argument). She'd probably even now choose to be that prisoner to have her family back but I bet in the guiltiest part of her heart she can accept the necessity. Also, this proved Zakris was letting them imprison him and that Naima's fate was the first thing he had cared about enough to expose that he was only a prisoner because he was allowing himself to be...
Has something gone horribly wrong? This long without even an 'oops, taking longer than expected' post feels ominous...
How dare this woman try to break up Everywhere and the Gentleman!
Now I want Samekh's backstory (as well as all the adults' backstories) but I want it concurrent with the usual posts. Doable, right?
No, it's devasated. They have had so much devastation that they are now devasated and don't require any more for a good long time...
Tsunami of Horrible
Diarrhea has to be the most horrible disease anyone could have in an underwater society! I bet he could have just hinted he had it and everyone else would have suggested cancelling meetings for as long as it took!
I should reconnect my webcam so I can show you the goofy smile I get when I click on the link Wednesday morning to see the latest page...
I Just Like Titles
So if Grandpa is the father of vampires does that put Sergio above Aedh?
Digressions R Us
Is this just Sergio's nature, his nature because the Devourer has been a part of his life since birth, or is there another tragedy besides being orphaned that has numbed Sergio's natural reaction to things? Could the Sergio we have seen so far been in a case of shock this entire time? Oh and wouldn't it be cool if the adult trio time traveled back to visit?
Julius should ask his boyfriend for details about giving his stepson powers. If nothing else I'd like to see details of it presented...
To be honest, it looks like Julius made sure his attackers would never regret anything ever again!
Okay, Evil Scientist/Bad Guardian is reminding me some of Bradley. Could he have a connection beyond just being his Moriarty? I'd actually enjoy it if Bad Guardian turned out to be a brother or an ex of Everywhere...
I can't wait to see if Nilus does wind up getting an adult who cares that much about her and how awesome it can make you feel. Was it ever said how young she was orphaned and made king?
WaitWhat, I can't answer for the creators but I discovered this story in a link on a Yaoi (sp?) site so I have been reading it as if it were maleXmale. I say go with it. Even if it does have a gayer slant there hasn't been even as much innuendo as you'd find in a comic from DC so it'd be a teensy weensy non-appeal and a huge helluva lot of appeal next to it!

Oh, and I just read from start to finish. Again. I love this story!!
Can't Believe It Okayed This User Name!
Wait a minute... Are Aedh and Everywhere lovers? Coolio...