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Back in the year 2004, I started reading the comic known as "Bob and George", which was known for a while as the "origin" to all sprite comics. I took an interest in sprite comics, but never released anything publicly. After a year, I started to get an idea of how to make sprite comics, and worked together with my friend who wishes to remain anonymous on my first ever comic about a boy who received the powers of Mega Man. It gained a small following, but I wasn't satisfied. So I remade it in 2007 and uploaded it to DrunkDuck. Then, my friend (who the comic was based on) didn't want to be involved with the project anymore. We cancelled it.

Then I had started another comic called "Slight Miscalculation" about a gender-swapped Mega Man, which also gathered a fair bit of followers.

I moved to SmackJeeves, and it appeared that there was a much bigger audience on SmackJeeves for this kind of comic. It is now 2011, and I don't do as much with sprites as I used to. I'm thinking about giving up on sprite comics all together, but not without giving it one more try.
Apologies For The Delay
@bartekolo: Sincere apology about the delay in comic updates. Been swamped lately with real-life obligations and have lost track of the time that's passed. Most of the pixel work is done on the next twenty-five pages, I just need to add some final touches and schedule them.

More will definitely be coming soon and thank you for keeping an eye on and supporting my hobby-project during this hiatus.
Tribute to "Bob and George"
So, this comic was originally supposed to go up on April 1, 2019 as an April Fools filler comic. Basically, this is a verbatim recreation of one of the first Bob and George comics. Bob and George, for those that are unaware, was a Mega Man sprite comic considered to be the grand-daddy of all sprite comics (though there were a few before it). It was one of the main inspirations for most of those that have done or do Mega Man sprite comics even to this day.

Part of me has always wondered what early sprite comics would of looked like if they were given a modern shine, y'know, the good ol' N-Sane Reignited treatment. Anyway, like I said, this is not the greatest comic in the world. This is just a tribute.
Wooh, boy! That was a huge gap in updates in late March, early April. Many apologies for that. Usually, I have a huge backlog of comics already scheduled, but life got really busy really fast and I did not have time to add the final touches and upload them. Hopefully back to a regular update schedule now!
Slight Miscalculation: Reboot
Slight Miscalculation: Reboot - Click the link below to go to the first page! /

Not sure if there is anybody left that still frequents this website that was a fan of the original Slight Miscalculation. I was actually considering deleting this version, but figured that out of the people who still have this old sprite comic in their SmackJeeves favorites, someone would probably like to be notified that new comics from this series are being made.

First and foremost, I owe an apology to the voice actors that supplied voice lines for free for the Slight Miscalculation animated finale that I never completed. Other sprite comics were doing it, so I figured it'd be cool to do one as well. For the reboot, I'm choosing to stick to the four-panel strip format and not deviate from that format, so that animated "finale" of sorts has been lost to time. Again, sincerest apologies to those who helped me with that. For the record, the new comic does not exist in the same universe as the original Slight Miscalculation or its spin-off, Unexpected Development, and will go on as its own entity.

Never thought I'd go back to making sprite comics, but one day, I was just practicing pixel art on my off-time and ideas started popping into my head, and then more ideas, and then I could visualize a whole story from beginning to end that was internally consistent and it seemed like a shame not to tell that story. So, basically, I'm back for the time-being. This more of a hobby than a legitimate attempt to accrue a huge fanbase or readership - but, if it is something that would interest you after all these years, please, check it out.

Thank you for being fans of my comic.
Hello everybody. Welcome to Slight Miscalculation: Reboot. A Mega Man sprite comic in current year. How bizarre. Well, not entirely. When sprite comics initially became popular they were using art assets from video games that came out over a decade prior, so who is to say if this is strange or not. To those of you who do not know, Slight Miscalculation was a sprite comic that I made in my young teenage years. It was kind of silly, a little embarrassing to look back on, but ultimately, it holds a special place in my heart as something I did long ago, but I always felt it odd to leave the story unfinished, but on the other hand, I was in no rush to continue where I left off six years ago.

So, here we are, starting from scratch in a rebooted universe separate from the canon of the original Slight Miscalculation and its spin-off, An Unexpected Development. I hope you do not mind. You can go check out the original Slight Miscalculation on my page, if you like. It’s not great, but it is still there.

For the reboot, I decided to start the story a little bit earlier than where the original started off. In the original, Mega Man was talking about how he had just gotten back from defeating Dr. Wily (again), but this time I wanted to actually show it. Seems poetic in a way to start a comic with the end of a traditional Mega Man game.

Comic will update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Archie Quality
I have to say, my friend, I am quite impressed.
An anecdote, if I may. I recall walking down the aisle of my local comic book shop the other day and after buying the latest issue of Mega Man, I thought to myself how cool it would be if Archie had the rights to do other comic book adaptations of video games. The first thought that came to mind was Super Mario Bros.

Not only have you ultimately delivered on that concept, but you have fully realized Mario's origin in written form which has never been done (admittedly, a little hard to do considering the conflicting media portrayals of where Mario came from). It is very accurate to the modern games, while retelling the story of the very first Mario game. I am impressed.

Also, the fact you started off with the classic arcade "Mario Bros" as the stepping stone to launch off the story of "Super Mario Bros" is pretty awesome. I may be getting ahead of myself, but I wonder if there will be any references to Donkey Kong (the game, not the character - Super Mario's debut). That might make a fun flashback chapter all to itself.

Anyway, all my fangasming aside, this is an overall great and well-drawn comic and I hope it never ends. Can't wait to read the next one!

I'm not even a big fan of webcomics.
I would like to apologize for the extreme amount of updates. I've been reorganizing some stuff, and as such, I had to "re-upload some of the old pages". But to make up for it - here is some new content. Yes, it's filler. Sorry.
Do you hate me yet? Yeah, so this isn't a new comic page or anything, but at least it's something. I've always wanted to try something in the Battle Network sprite-style, but I didn't want to make a full sprite comic based on Battle Network, so instead you get this brief filler.

Actually, expect more of these in the coming weeks. I kind of like the idea of making a bunch of "what if" filler comics. What if Zero made an appearance in Slight Miscalculation? What if the comic was 8-bit? What if it was done in the style of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon series? Hmm... -- Click here to check out Page 2 (and also Page 1) of Slight Miscalculation, completely remade and re-released.


Hey guys. So, some of you might've been startled by the big banner that says the series is canceled. And, well, the series is still technically canceled, as I am not making any "new" pages, but I've decided to take the "Quite Different" route and remake all of my old pages.

At what point will I stop remaking the pages? I don't know. But, I won't be stopping anytime soon. So, look forward to more stuff.

Oh, and the remade pages will be 8-panels long, which will leave some room for a bit of new material and/or simple filler. XD


Oh, also, when I "update" the original comic, it replaces that original comic. The only reason I re-upload said "remade comic" as a "new page" is because otherwise you guys won't get the alert that there are new pages.

It's kind of hard to explain, but try to understand. Whenever I remake and upload an old comic and replace that old comic, I'm going to delete whatever the "latest remade comic" is at the front of the row and upload the new "latest remade comic" in it's place. So -- basically, don't comment here, or else they'll be deleted when this page gets deleted. Comment on the original page (in the link in the description)... did I explain that alright? :D
Here is the link to the new spin-off series that I am working on behind-the-scenes, with Z-man Warrior. Check it out. 1/

Also, status update on the comic... I'm not particularly motivated to do anything at the moment. I may or may not be releasing something special here in the future though, so keep your eyes on this comic, even if it appears inactive.
Wow, it's been a month already... and I missed the Slight Miscalculation anniversary comic? Sorry, guys. When sprite comics feel like a chore, I don't do them. And when I feel inspired, that's when I make them non-stop. Thanks for sticking around. Let me know what you think of this page.
No comment as of now, but don't let that stop you from commenting on the comic... seriously, I like reading comments.
Hey everyone. Happy 2011! Slight Miscalculation started February 2008. I've been making these comics for almost three years now. And I've been making sprite comics (in general) long before that. What should I do for an "anniversary type comic"?
Sorry for the lack of comics. I've been busy with... well, what I consider to be a lot more important then sprite comics. That doesn't mean I don't care though. I love making sprite comics! ^.^

And sorry I missed the Christmas special... I'll have another "special" filler comic soon to make up for it, maybe.

Can you guess who this new character could be?
You wanted MOAR? Well, you got more.

EDIT: If you want to make a cameo in the Non-Canon Filler Slight Miscalculation Christmas Special. Then be sure to send in your sprites.
Original commentary:
"No comments. I'm a bit tired. The sprites in this comic may seem unclear because spriting is hard sometimes if you want something to look like something but are given a small amount of space to do it so you have to make the pixels the right color and put them in the right spot. Very hard..."
Original commentary:
"No joke in this comic, just introducing Rock's friends as soon as "she" attends high school."
Updated: May 25, 2016

Original commentary:
"Rock took his... her anger out on Roll because she was programmed as a robot to not ever turn against her creator, and for some reason, that programming remains even as a human. So, instead she took it out on her sis- brother. Dang, this is confusing."
Gee, you'd think I'd do something special for my tenth comic, but nope. This is the best I could do back in early-2008. Ah, the memories. I remember trying really hard to make an update schedule, but I kept delaying comic updates anyway. Those were the days...
Original commentary:
"Updating less frequently from now on due to homework and a guideline that states that it's 'preferred if I update only once a day'. I actually delayed this comic due to re-watching the entire Negima! anime on the Internet. Wow, almost ten comics, that's like... double digits."