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Lotus Pearls
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I cracked up the moment I saw Hiro biting on the ropes~!!!! XD I cannot believe he got himself into that situation but I can't wait to see what happens next!
So Cute~!!!
Ahhhhh~!!! I love it when Chip was squishing Fish's face~!!! So cute I couldn't help but squeal with delight! :D
I love that 1st panel scene where I was feeling all sweet then when I saw and read Renji's lines, all that sweet feeling turned into laughter~!!!

Hahaha! Epic!!
You have revived my love for Orihime and Ulquiorra~!!!! <3

I'm really glad I read this comic and seeing so much character development between those two. In the original Bleach, I wished Orihime would change for the better and go after someone than Ichigo but sadly not . . .
Thank you so much for making this comic~!! :D
Lotus Pearls
October 14th, 2013
Oh my god~!!! That last panel . . . He looks like he has a fluffy tail :D
Ahh so adorable and cute!
Hahahaha~!! Love the first panel.
Cute Kae~
Awww~ Kae looks so cute eating that hamburger in the bottom right panel <3
Funny and Cute
Hahahaha!! Kato is so adorable. Even saying how a Magnemite is looking at him funny XDD

Kato you are becoming my favorite Pokémon in this comic <3
Adorable Kato~!!!
Kato's so cute being all shy like that > w <
Caught Ya~!!
Oh my god . . . I love how Robin caught Rattata just like that. XD

I especially love her bulging wide eyes when she caught Regina. hahaha!!