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I like drawing, I like manga...and I like writing short stories.

Finally decided to put all three together, eventually. Haven't drawn comics before so it'll be an experience. :3

If I lay on the ground with a sign on my back that says "I'm dead" Would you believe it?
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OMG, I've missed so much! D:
I love FrancisxParis, and all the uber updates since my laptops been in repair ; ^;

You better expect some fan art from me missy! D:<
Such a gorgeous face; I'm in awe.
Mean Bo is Mean.

But finally the truth has come out about AK! O:
hahaha, I love the expression in this page. Jiro's are priceless!

A very nicely done profile in the first panel too~
I love the angles you use, they're simply gorgeous.
I heart Ren's childish-ness as well. I used to do that all the time, lmao.
July 15th, 2007
Is that a scar across his tum-tum; or just a random line? O___o

Love it! :3
You are eerily good at drawing scares me @___@
Skye reminds me of Raito off DeathNote for some reason.... O___O
I love this page to pieces!! >__<
June 20th, 2007
In that last panel he sooo looks like Raito from DeathNote xD

Now to read the rest of the comic~
Ah, Athen seems so nice >_<
And I can't wait to see all of Jouet's outfit too~
You're f-ing #13 on buzzComix!!! O:

Lucky #13! <3

And on such an awesome page; I totally love the whole allusion to that page earlier >_<
Lol, I just finished reading your comic and I have to say that the art is very lovely and stylish.

Can't wait to read more *wink*
Oh yay! Lol, I was just clicking to favorite your comic when a new page popped up, lucky me!

Love the page >3<