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You got a sprite comic? Try contacting me and talking about it. Maybe I'll be of use to you.
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Nice touch with using real lighting effects. Afraid I won't be able to comment much since I'm usually not on Smack Jeeves.
Now if only you could continue that trend.
Last line was friggin awesome. Excellent work as usual.

But why am I the only one to comment on it? It's been a whole day and nothing? Smack Jeeves is really losing its appeal...

I'll try to mention this on my Drunk Duck comic and see if I can't get you some more hits.
Hopefully you get them sprites soon.
Ah, the usual awesomeness.

And that itty bitty disclaimer at the bottom is friggin awesome.
Interesting comic you got. From your newspost, I hear you're just making this for your friends, which is really nice of you. I'll keep reading this if you don't quit.
Ooo! Ganon got an upgrade! Your rooms could use some sprucing up though... Want some tips?
A fairly boring strip because it's just those two in the same pose over and over again.
Wow... those are some impressive looking backgrounds you got there.

But... your grammar needs works. In the first panel it should've been "there's" instead of "their's" and in the last panel, it should've been "You're" instead of "your"

It's pretty surprising you actually have that problem because it looks to me like you put a lot of work into the backgrounds, but not so much on anything else. The facial expressions are good though, nice job on them.
Heh. I liked that 2nd panel. Haven't read the archives yet, but I like the way both of their personalities bounce off of each other like this.
I've only just read this strip, but unless there's a reason they're in some gray void, you seriously need backgrounds. I could help you with some them if you wanted.
MY, this is interesting. The layout looks better then the old default SJ one, that's for sure. I really need to keep up on the archives for this comic, you update a heck of a lot more than most comics I read.

The only thing I didn't really like was the 3rd panel. Colonel never gives out any useful advice. But you saved it at the end with the classic "Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAKE?" Great work as usual.
Mario's being a bit of a wimp. Suck it up, Mario!
Well holy crap indeed. Going to be Fatal Fury still, or moving to another game?
I'm surprised Lovidrop hasn't had a celebration for marrying 100 emotidrops!
February 23rd, 2006
I don't know what's up with the freaky stick figure guy, but I like how he's always doing something different in each panel.
Heh heh heh. You got yourself a fan. I like the designs, but they're a bit fuzzy. Can you save it as something else besides a jpeg?
Just one more incredible strip by you. Great job!
I really do need to actually read the archives of this comic. I like the idea of a sarcastic and bitter Ness.
For some reason, I can't help but think that Pixlor would be adorable if he had eyes.