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@Jyxzu: i can confirm we do it because of the aesthetic and we're willing to die of a heat stroke to look as good as we do

Also I feel Kylie in that third to last panel tbh.
That is... super annoying oh gosh. Honestly I think you deserved the break anyway after dealing with that haha

Always happy to see pages though~ hopefully they've learned their lesson about patience and manners.
Kylee is such a handsome little goober, I'm so proud of his face. Glad I got to come home to this gift of a page after getting my driver's permit today :D

Daaang I feel kind of bad for Kylee here haha

As tough as he acts and even though he still speaks his mind to those guys, it must seriously suck being on the ground, thrown off a horse that you didn't want to be on and didn't have any experience with, only to be taunted by a bunch of grown ass men from the sidelines.

Of course Kylee fucked up and got himself into the situation of having to work on the farm but this particular situation is haaarsh someone get the boy an MCR CD and a black knitted blanket pls
As someone who loves horseback riding and, obviously, has been on horses before... that is quite a long fall off a horse and I feel very bad for Kylee right now haha
I seriously love this comic and all of the work you do. Have you ever thought about getting a Patreon? Sorry if this has already been asked/talked about, I did a little digging and didn't find anything myself so figured I'd just ask here haha
Accidental Tommy model in that last panel
What a gorgeous dragon design! I just found this webcomic and I'm already enjoying it so much~
Oh man, I'm already getting emotional D: I've been following this comic faithfully for.. gosh, years, not too long after it started I think, and to know it's ending really is bittersweet D: I'm going to miss seeing the lives of Lucky and Oliver and the whole rest of the crew!
Gosh, this webcomic is fantastic, it's got me doing that quiet squealy noise
Aaah that's such a cute mixture of species! Well done~
Ow, my heart ;__;
Gosh, between the fantastic art work, lovely story line and absolutely great characters I think I'm going to go into cardiac arrest. xD

Been reading and keeping up with this comic for a long while now, and I look forward to continuing and seeing things progress!
Oh my goodness, those sparkly doe eyes, what a cutie akdhafs
Hello swimming nerds Rei sticks out like a sore thumb I love it
I think I just eye rolled so hard I strained something. Gurl puhlleaaasssssseeeeah

I am so looking forward to seeing where this is going and also not looking forward to it xD I need happy endings all around
I got really confused about Dake's sudden change of thought in the third panel until I looked back and saw Tommy's head placement in the second panel

Then it hit me like a slap to the face
@Crimson Chains: I'm glad you understand that xD Some people can be so protective of their fetishes it's surprising o.o
Funny thing though is I used to find it super hot and sexy and fun, and while a part of me feels like it can probably be a nice thing between a couple and probably feels good for the receiver, I just can't keep my mind off of the hygeine aspect of it haha

His face does look great though~ I think one great thing about this comic is how much emotion you always have the characters show, even from characters like Kaidou that can be so stoic and silent haha
Rofl I am very relieved to see this page, I was afraid we were going to delve into ass eating and that's just.. so not my thing |D I'd have still kept reading, but I have to say I'm a bit glad it didn't come to that haha

I also have to agree with count the star's comment, Kaidou's face really does look great in the last panel :D
@Crimson Chains: Really!? That's awesome! I hope you enjoy it, the food industry is so much more difficult than one might think |D I work in a fast food place, and it's an insanely stressful enviornment. The pay is good, but.. I do have to admit it isn't a place I'm really enjoying working at |D I've got great coworkers, but it sucks coming home in so much pain and smelling really bad and just.. blech |D

7 days straight though?? o.o Oh my gosh, that's insane |D They had me working almost 7 days but I told them I needed them to tone it down for the month until school is over haha I wish you all the luck in the world! The food industry is so much more difficult than people think!