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Xeno? As in Xenomorph? *hides behind desk and looks around with pulse rifle* Oh my NOBODY is going to get that reference.....
Mewtwo is back!
I hear that the new movie, extremespeed genacent has been renamed to extremespeed genacent and the reawakeing of MEWTWO!!
@Pokemontrainergigi: Good, because lately tobuscus's skyrim playthough has been starting to bore me abit, and I really can't find a another good playthough of it. Maybe you should ask some of your other fans on your sky nuzloke if they would like to see a playthough of it.
Flying on alduin!
Actually if you jump onto his shoulder when he tries to kill you using his fire, when he flys off, you will actually be CARRIED on his shoulder for a bit, but sadly after a couple seconds you slip off :( Also, if you have a youtube account, you should TOTALLY do a syrim playthough on it! I know I would watch it.
But if Kira is Ninetail's daughter....*Lighting flashes and thunder booms*...Whos the father? DUN DUN DA DUNNNN!!!
@VictoryStar (Guest), when I read you comment I was drinking water then laughed and accadently did a spit take all over my screen XD No morrys, it didn't break anythink.
@sulfurbunny Oh nevermind then. Thanks for clearing that up.
Gengar's age
@sulfurbunny, Well, its hard to tell Gengars age....After all He WAS a pokemon trainer when he pulled one of ninetail's tails and pokemon trainers are usally around the age of 10 or so, we don't exactly know WHEN Gengar was reborn as a pokemon and how long we was in his pokemon form up to this point. For all we know Gengar maybe at the age of 13 or 15! Sorry if I ranted a little bit. By the way, on Gengar's guild page, for his known techniques it just has dream eater even though we have seen him use shadow ball and confuse ray....Wait, you ARE the author of this..Right? Otherwise this would be embarrassing.
Okay, first the gengar from red and blue mystery dungeon, something about celebi, then darkrai being XD002 and now mewtwo and N!?!? WHATS GOING ON!?