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My power is drawing, I've done it since I was a little kid. Never went to any school or class or anything of that matter, it is all me, myself and I... and maybe some "Dragonball whore" stage I went as a child.

My biggest weakness might be my laziness but I won't let it get it the way of making comics... I really enjoy making them.

I got some sort of a dorky humor, smetimes sinicall, but it's ok, my frieds like me that way, or at least they are good pretending they do.

Want to be my friend? :D
Well, me too :D
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Whoa! Long time no see...
You sure know the human anatomy... It seems I don't.
hehe internet slang in real life :p, glad you liked it!
I think he started as a carpenter in Donkey Kong and then moved to plumber in Mario Bros.

I really love the pencil job, Must be AWESOME in person! pretty neat :D
*Buzz* IS the sound my door ring makes...

Intruducing new characters!
Donnie's face in the last panel makes me LOL everytime.

Up and away!
Look look! stuff on the shelf!

I think Donnie is wrong... THIS is testosterone incarnated. Gerard Bulter said it.
New Record!
Can you figure out Donnie's favorite group? Anyways I think I once met a dog faster than an old Subaru.

Talking about music, I tell you I did the drawings and final touches listening to my friend Daniel's awesome demo covers. Quite impressive, if you ask me. If you happend to be in Germany and want any to do any kind of record, his mini home-studio is quite a good choice, be sure to give him a look, or a listen.

Moving on... I see that now some people (at least 3) do see my comics! so for you... enjoy the comic!

And stick around.
Very lucky indeed, his dad.
OMG!... literally
I lol'd
hur hur!
I'm just starting to read your comics... this one trully made me chuckle/lol I'll check your more recent work now but definately a fav here (and my first fav :D) I liked the "K bye" part... priceless
Well here's the second one... Here you can see how the chemestry of Donnie and Joe will be like... Very good buddies those 2.

Hope someone like.. reads this... and... like... eh... likes it. I do.

Number A!
Here we start. The conversation in this comic was inspired by a very good friend of mine, but as good friend as he can be... talking to him on the phone sometimes just feels pointless.

Enjoy the comic.