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I am an artist and a writer who does not have enough confidence to do a manga or story of my own, but I do plan on doing so after my skills become more developed, I'm getting there! I have lots of great ideas that I wouldn't mind sharing, as long as I get credit for the original idea. Also I'm Canadian, and very proud. YEAH FREE HEALTH CARE AND MAPLE SYRUP EH!
Awwwwww I'm loving this love
@amandabrntt: I know right? Why is everyone making a big deal of a win win situation. This way naoto can live out his threesome fantasies.
@Cantstopcrazy: I know, eh! When I thought of it I spent 5 minutes just giggling like a crazy fangirl. Someone needs to write this!
you know what i would love?
An au of this story with carpediem a kingdom, Chris as the prince who for some reason cannot make it to the ball and orders his personal servant naoto to go as him. (blonde wig) He meets prince kaoru from a neighbouring kingdom, shizu is there too but he is talking to the king, and kaoru falls in love with naoto but thinks he is the prince. Later naoto (no longer wearing wig) could stumble upon prince shizu who recognizes him as a servant and they talk for a while (maybe about how his brother being a flirt bothers him or something) and he falls for naoto too, but he knows he is a servant. When the Kuro princes get home they talk about how they both fell in love, neither knowing it's with the same person. Chris returns from wherever he went when he and naoto hear the news that both Kuro princes are returning to carpediem to get married. That would be absolutely wonderful.
the soas rule
They're spooning, that is so cuteā™„!
DAMN! Nice fanservice, very nice...
I'm Canadian so imagine my joy at seeing this.
Seriously, IMAGINE!!!