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Ari can be really scary when she is using her puppy eyes skill xD

If you're intrested you can visit my new fb page >u</
@Noir-x: cieszę się, iż ją spostrzegłaś <3 z myślą o tobie ohoh~
Not only you Ari .... ; - ; *hugs Dikku tightly*
2nd page~
uhg sorry for derpness on these pages ''OTL
Ari, how could you do this to your psp ; n ; !? You,you monster!
Hi~ >u</ For Dikku exams didn't end yet ;u;' and I'm going to go on school trip next week so there probably won't be any update next time ;n; but I hope that you like this bigger page(actually 2 pages xD) ;u; see ya ~
:D hi! We have holidays (only me, because Dikku is learning for her exams actually XD) and more free time sooo~ Today we have 2 pages for you guys >u</
@Thran-aniki: Aaaw dziękuję bardzo ;U; <3 *baw nie spodziewała się takiego słodkiego komentarza ;///; <3*
With that, it is the end of the prologue.
We hope you liked the story so far and we're curious for your opinions. >U</
Next week the title page of first chapter will be black-white like rest of the comic from this moment (except some special pages >u<)
See you next week~ <33
Don't be sad Vero :< We love you <3
Kiedyś, kiedyś tam przeczytałam Good
Game i naprawdę mi się podobało ;u; Ucieszyłam się widząc, że zaczęłaś robić kontynuację >U< Powodzenia \o/
Me, Dikku and all AW characters are wishing you a happy Easter and lots of sweets from Easter Bunny~! Also don't worry~ Even though it's holidays we'll add next page tomorrow! >U</ <33
Hi, Mousy here ~
I'm glad to show you first page of our comic >u<
I hope you'll like it <3 *yay so excited*
@Noir-x: aaww dziękuję ;u; <3 możliwe, że pierwsza strona będzie już jutro C: *jak tylko skończy kolorować xD*