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hi i dont ever update anything i work on im sorry
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I always kinda assumed that Ren was kinda not interested in relationships, so he wasn't attracted to anyone :< you know?

Ahaha :< I updatet his comic so infrequently. Oops. Dunno why, since I enjoy drawing it.

F13 will be, hopefully, please to know Faen is up :D

ugh SJ is so slow today D8
Was gonna update a lot earlier today but Sj was down :<.

Anyway, took a 3 week hiatus due to laziness, fatigue, and actually busy. Ahaha.

Note: Daryl made the cakes from a box because he didn't have time to make them :<.
Haha. This page really dragged near the end. Whatever.

Garnet's such a brat D8.
Hahaha, look! an update :<

Takeshi isn't very nice to Kishou ): How sad.

Mr. Faen is coming up soon D8;;...
Haha, now the real update 8D. Enjoy.

Sorry for that last panel. This page just..wouldn't be nice to me XD It was painful to work through it.
Just a filler to fill in the time till the next page. Its giving me some trouble.
meh, I felt like drawing a new page. so I did ): sorry its kinda messy.

Anyway, I copped out of drawing them walking to the balcony :D I win. Ahaha not really ):

Also, halfassed bgs ftw 8D
Aha, forgot to mention I'd be gone for a week or so for a cottage trip. But I'm back, and here's the new page.

Sorry for its laziness D8; I haven't been able to draw much since I'm in a sorta art block, so this was the best I could muster. Still decent I guess.

Anywho, enjoy. Next page, I'll finally show vampy's real name ;D.
aummy- be prepared to wait a while 8D

Crystella- :< he has people around to do this stuff for him. It isnt a trap D8
Aummy: ): no I dont you liar.

Nashira: :] indeed.
you have such pretty art, and an interesting story going :'D.
it's only been 3 or so months since the last update T_T; plz dont kill me.

Another update! :D I am on a roll. This page gave me a little trouble, but once I got past that initial hurdle, it got easier.

Vampy's (changing his name) change of attitude should be explained in the next few pages. :<

Yes I got lazy with th BG 8D
Lawl D8 it's been how long since I updated? D8 oops. sorry.

Anyway, this page gave me so much hassle it's not even funny. I have trouble drawing Dante, there. ): Man.

Summer vacation, so maybe I can update more :'D.
Time for school to start! :D!

The last panel was kinda fun to draw :'D.

Also, I can relate to Ren :]
Hahah almost forgot to update 8D *supposed to be studying for history test*

Anyway, had fun making this page. Kishou's a complete fool <3

Anyway, enjoy~
Well, here's the next page. I spend FOREVER on this page because it was hard to get out XD. I'm still not entirely happy with it, but it's decent.

Trying to update once every week ):.
that is absolutely awesome XD

Faen is such a manwhore XD

mutant autism...XDXD

XDXD and omfg, the third panel. Kishou's such an...idiot XD
There is a good reason I haven't updated in a while. Reason is, I couldn't get this page right. Still not entirely happy with it, but dammit my patience only lasts for so long.


3 guesses and the first 2 don't count :<.

hey hey. everyone check out my other comic Crack High ;D /shameless advertising