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I will wait patiently for this to return even if it's like 5 years from now, I don't think I've ever commented (sorry about that) but I really enjoyed this story for years, thanks for doing what you do ^_^
Best thing to do is censor it here on smackjeeves and have patreon users get the full naughty bits, that way people here still get to enjoy the story, even if the updates are more sparse, and you could still advertise your patreon regularly so it would make room for you to get a lot more patrons!
Sorry about you feeling down, I understand that feeling as a creator, I hope you start feeling better soon and hopefully I can support you on patron soon!
I'm such a fuckin' goof, I've been reading "fight me" for ages and started reading this quite awhile ago too.. and didn't even think twice about the similarities of styleeeeeeeee jesus christ..
i love your comics btw ty for your amazing work LOL
Tapastic has finally caught up with where we left off here at smackjeeves, if you're still interested in the comic (or you're a new reader) check it out here:
Currently I'm on vacation so I am not able to upload a proper photo, but I just wanted to update you guys on the return of updates!
If you were already caught up on the comic from where we left off here, the story will catch back up to that point soon!
Read it here:
Returning May 30th on Tapastic
If you're still up for reading my comic,
the return date is May 30th!
Make sure you check it out here:
I will be posting update alerts here from now on~
I'm sorry.
I thought that I could handle it all on my own, and I couldn't.
I needed a break, but I took too long.
So now I want to start over, and if you guys want to come along with me, I'd really appreciate it.
Tapastic hasn't made it as nearly far as you guys have, but I started updating on Tapastic before I went on my hiatus, and stopped updating there promptly afterwards.
I feel like Tapastic is a better outlet for my comic, and I still care about all of you guys who subscribed here first, and would like you to know where I'll be from now on and I would love it if you came along. <3

I am hoping to get ahead on my pages, so hiatus' and lack of updates won't happen again, and once I return everything will be back to normal (but on a different website) this may take awhile, but you guys haven't left yet, so I might as well give it a shot.

Thanks for reading my comic and commenting and being there for me, I truly appreciate it, more than you guys will ever know. <3

Every page that's not currently uploaded on Tapastic has been changed with this photo, sorry for any confusion this has caused!
YEAHHHH . . . yeah.
I have to take a break. SOBS.

I really wanted to keep up with this and just try to draw on every saturday/friday but it's gotten really hard so I need to take a short break so I can work up some pages in advance, this way there won't be really late updates because it's taking me forever to make them.

I am so so so so sorry, BUT IT MUST BE DONE.

See you guys hopefully soon!

also, when did the couch get fixed?
Hahaha, I love that Vaari is flattered. <3
October 21st, 2015
@Maladaptive: I'm sorry to hear that, I hope things get better for you. </3
October 19th, 2015
I love how this looks, oh my gosh it's beautiful.
October 18th, 2015
Still love this comic so much, the artwork, and the feelings you see from this is are realistic and it's just amazing.
Totally worth waiting for updates!
I will finish these pages within this week, maybe even tomorrow! <3

EDIT 10/18/15: Oh would'ja look at that, shading and gradients! <3

----- Replies -----
@SpotsTheDick: You have successfully spotted the dick.
@AngelicaAgelviz: UGH RIGHT?! I love them.
IT'S STILL TECHNICALLY SATURDAY, and these updates will be flat colored because obviously I am horrible at managing my time.

EDIT 10/18/15: Oh would'ja look at that, shading and gradients! <3

----- Replies -----
@AngelicaAgelviz: I try so hard!!
Thank you <3
I really just wanted my entire cast to be colorful in different ways. :D
October 16th, 2015
The flats by themselves still look great, take your time!
Sisters know best. >_>
October 11th, 2015
October 11th, 2015
@AngelicaAgelviz: IT IS VERY MUCH SO CONVEYED... that face is to be FEARED!
When it's not being adorable of course.
I can see the extra work put into this, it looks good! <3
. . . awkward.

----- Replies -----
@SpotsTheDick: We'll always be there for our not so sweet Mary!
... maybe.
@DirtyLittleSecret: AHHHhhHHhhHHhhHhh!?
@raikua: AHH... AH?!
can someone tell me why we're screaming? >.>
@DirtyLittleSecret: Oh okay, I guess that makes sense... AHHHHH!
Oh, how unlucky . . . your creepiness has failed you.