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Not much going on here. Also please excuse the bad art/comics (this goes for spelling and grammar too), I am only 15 so I still have a looooong way to go and a lot I need to improve on! other than that, enjoy~
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No problem!
@Mullana: Your welcome! And yeah, it is confusing especially at some of the coding parts. I've briefly heard of inkblazers shutting down but i have no idea why?
And i meant nostalgic because i dunno..your style kinda reminds me of things i was obssesed with as a kid! ^^"
So Good!
Man, i actually though there was something wrong with smackjeeves when i saw this had no fans~ like, maybe that they got the count wrong because this comic is amazing and i love the characters! The plot is original and your art style is very nostalgic. I really can't believe this isn't more popular cause' it definitely deserves to be! ^^
Keep uploading, i can't wait to see more!
December 21st, 2014
When i checked my favorites and saw this comics statues changed to 'complete' instead of reading from where i left of off, i re-read it entirely from the beginning! It's such an amazing story, very unique and the ending was absolutely beautiful. Throughout the story, i couldn't help but notice the backgrounds. They don't tend to get noticed much but yours were spectacularly drawn (i was hoping you could do a tutorial)!
I am extremely sad to see this complete but i think you ended it on a way that didn't exactly finalize the end, so i really hope to see more! I will follow you on tumblr and sincerely hope to see more of your projects! (p.s. are you thinking about selling prints of your story?)
August 31st, 2014
I noticed you didn't have any comment so i thought i would drop one~
I can't believe this comic only has 111 fans because you and this comic definitely deserve more! I just love the style, it's very unique and the colours are just so gorgeous 0u0
whenever i see Crown update i literally squeal 'cause i love it so much!
Just keep updating,okay? I am a major fan of Crown so i will be waiting~
...Pfft. Lube? oh yeah,i can see it. wonder what they use that for XDD
hi~ this is probably annoying but I was planning on buying one of your books and I wanted to know if they include the bonus chapters?
I'm stuck! TT^TT
I've got up to chapter 6 and I am playing as Leader trying to find Barnaby in that weird red/orange world. I have wandered around for so long and only got mr.creepycartoonearthgumguy in those god damned wardrobes! This is an AMAZING game I just suck at it ^^"