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Hey, I remember this guy! How've you been, Will?
I've been sitting here wondering what that cartoon was...
And yet, I love dogs
I just read through the entire archive, and I'm hooked!
January 12th, 2013
BTW, hilarious power origin
Huh... never thought of it that way before
been there...
Well, with any luck something happens soon!
"I don't know what this is.." poor kid!
So.. if I ever find myself across the pond, I should tell everyone I'm Canadian... got it
It's about time Christmas Noobs got their own song
lol @ "caterpillar"
I like the yellow bat on black costume
Man, he overslept by what, two weeks? Lazy!
ol' spidey here is cracking me up
And let me tell you, anti-plagiarism court is no fun
That would be... troubling!