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As if you hadn't already noticed the reason I come on here. I made this account one day when I was just looking for more webcomics, and this site had plenty of the ones I like, being Yaoi. I mainly read Yaoi/Boy Love comics. So, if you wish to try and become friends with me, go right ahead, I'm all for making friends. I have no idea how this whole site works, such as becoming a fan of a comic, I only know how to comment, Add to Favorites, and Private Message. Other than that, I'd love to be shown the usual stuff, so if you wish to help me become less of a noob, go right ahead and contact me. c:
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Ohmygod. Everytime I mention Ludo to my friends, they always go, "Who?" I first got hooked by Love Me Dead, my second fave is the song they're gonna sing. Heheheheh. c:
I've always wanted a shirt like that. ;-; I need to find one.
May 2nd, 2016
I spy characters from Burnt in the background. c:
May 2nd, 2016
Officially in love with this comic. I found it yesterday and read the whole thing.
I plan to read it over and over again while I wait for updates too. c:
I really do hope Jared and Trent end up together. cx They'd be so damn cute.
So, I lost my place around that part of the story, can someone link me to the pages where Hisawa tells him about that?
Aww. At least the romance isn't lacking in this comic. Even if it isn't for the initial couple, you still threw in romance for this couple. C: I love this comic soo much, you have no idea! That's why when I wait for updwtes, I read it all the way from the beginning. C:
Gah. Need more pages. ;w; Welp, time to read the comic all the way from the start. o;
-drools- I have a feeling Hisawa might have a crush on Aki. cx
Grr! Why'd ya have to say that Aldi? Now the kissing mood just flew out the window. Ugh. Unless Radan is willing to try and change his mind.. -wink wink- And on the previous page, I did mean Kris/Aldi. cx Sorry for not specifying. But, I'm pretty eager to see Aldi and Radan make love. cx Heheheh. I know if Radan had a past with Aldi, then Radan might be all too eager to attempt and change Aldi's mind, and end up stealing Aldi away as his lover.
I honestly prefer these couples over the original one. Lol. Does that make me a bad fan? XD
I admit, I was shying away from reading, because I want Kaidou and Aki back together in person. o;
^ I agree. And, I love this comic so much, that I actually read the whole comic over again when waiting for an update. c: So, you should try to update more than a page at a time, but if you can't, there are definitely no complaints here. cx
February 15th, 2015
I.. I have a feeling that's whats-her-face. Always gotta ruin the darn romantic parts, doesn't she? :c
I think Eames feels like it's his fault that Ghost was raped by Robyn. :c
I like the first two. Cx I always looove the room mate stories. c: Heheheh. Or the band idea is awesome too.
-smacks Kaidou- Nooo! Bad bad Kaidou! You need to call Aki! His heart is aching! ;w; I miss seeing Kaidou and Aki together. Dx Kaidou needs to get back home. ;w;
Woot! I called it! -feels accomplished- cx I mostly just want drawings of Eames & Ghost together. o; Especially kissing, snuggling, or.. more sensual stuffs. cx
Awwh. So adorable. Eames should just go over there, lightly pick him up, and set him back in bed. c:
Ohhh snap. Man on a mission! >.<
Kiss him, Harry! >.<