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January 6th, 2013
WOW! I gotta say the art doesn't look rushed at all and it's so clean and beautiful. You got some serious talent over here (and I'm seriously jealous.) I absolutely LOVE the transition between each panel it feels like I'm watching a magical movie with sparkle desu written all over it (lolwhut?) It's just so amazing!!!!!! *A*drools. I love the cute little humor you added in- it really threw me off the chair laughing and I didn't expect any of it either!! Which is great I enjoy suprises and the unpredictable it shows me you got some swag magic tricks up your sleeves. >v<! I like the dramatic emotions- especially when the girl is like "NO DON'T CLOSE THE DOORS." and she flew passed the old geezer lol and flew into the arms of stuff with her eyes widen and stuff flying around and alasda;djspdfsadfjaspd.

I hope you don't mind me expressing my love for this. You got me rereading for 2 hours straight and i'm supoosed to sleep omg why won't you let me sleep. Now I have to come back here everyday to check for updates so I can make love to your art. <///<