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I... just... damn... :x
I seriously can't get over how cute he is in the last panel ^w^
@martina313: Yay! I love you too! =D
@martina313: I find it appropriate to tell you that I just awoke from a dream about Dory and Damien getting married. And it was the cutest thing ever! Dory was in the dress with this little bouquet of roses and had the most excited face you've ever drawn, and Dami was going along with it, actually seeming to enjoy himself, until the preacher thing was like "You may kiss the bride!" And he ran away screaming "Hell no, bitches!" Then Dory ran after him with a rolling pin from who knows where and POOF! I'm awake and thinking that I should inform you about it. So yeah =)
Apples are rubbish
@121GWJolt: I found the whovian! :D
Damn. That is one sexy chin in the second panel ;3
I think that this is the first time a comic actually made me cry... Wow.. Emotions ;___;
*click* *click* *click* *click*
More please? :D
I love the way the comic is going! So intense! You should be proud :3
Didn't Aki just get to a point where he's accepting that Kaido loves him for him and doesn't need anything else from him? Now this lady is gonna make him doubt himself again and.... more drama. Good story :3
@unlogicalexplanation: Omg that's great xD
I really love the first panel
woah o.o
This reminds me of the elf story... Except this is way more fucked up
Happy Birthday! And don't say you've done nothing. So many people were made happy from this comic alone :)
I'm a happy child -w-
Grrrrrr... Taka will die for this
I hated Nakay.. don't get me wrong... but I was not expecting that.... So sad.... o.o
I am so happy that this comic was updated. It's one of my favorites and I definately want to see Ariel get Eric ^w^
Love this picture <3