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you deserve more fans... you're the only comic I read that updates so often! and this is really adorable xD
@wr4ith0: Oh god, why can't I like this comment? xD
gah.... pretty!
*try's to keep strait face,fails miserably*
I would marry you for this. xD amazing!
Can I just say I would be totally fine with this? I mean, while I would be sad...
I totally support N, not team plasma or Ghetsis.

and his awesome last panel
Is it just me or does that vase remind anyone of the vase in Super Paper Mario?
I would read that shojo
want to see the main character for this shojo, another lazy one or another that thinks she's downtrodden? I must admit I'm interested...
On another note, I'm joining the angry mob after that selfish bitch.
Oh Wallis, you creeper
February 24th, 2013
I'm Joining
the horde of people who love you and are in awe of how good your art has gotten. ^^
February 11th, 2013
Sorry to be irritating but...
I think yore should be you're. Sorry for being irritating, this is really cute! ^^
February 10th, 2013
this is so cute! xD