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Favorite Mangaka:
NAKAMURA asumiko
CHRONO nanae
yay! haha.

you're so cute.
i loved the prints!
I love the realism of your art and the pencil. It's really lovely. I'm looking forward to this story. Also recently came across this story on fictionpress, but of course now it's in webcomic form now. :3
Julia must know because girls are all intuitive like that.

Sad :[ but great page! :]
oh wow, i really love the art and the story seems interesting. =D


I do NOT like candy canes.

But I'm weird.
Aww, that was an adorable and wonderful little story.

YAY for monster love! <3
Good thing I bought it before I went broke. HAHA I have read all those sexy sex scenes. Yay me!

SPOILER: Marcus is the seme. xD

Not that that's much of a spoiler.
June 15th, 2009
i really love this comic. it's so cute <3
Way to be obvious.
Though danny probably would just look at him weird.
But if i was him I'd so interrogate rick. xD
I'd be all "What's all this scarf business? What are you hiding? Are you blushing?" lol
I bet a lot of Danny's wardrobe has to do with something Rick said. haha
i'm pretty perceptive or intuitive. i am always figuring out plot stuff xD
ron's my fave. <3
haha it's like "I like your neck, so cover it up!" xD
This is actually my favorite one over the other. xD In fact right from the start I liked this one best. SO I HOPE YOU DO CONTINUE! <3
I think Charlie is crushing on Liam a little. hehe So cute! >w<
HEY! I got my copy today in the mail. It's SOOOO awesome! I love it. It so nice and shiny and thick. =D
Even has a note from you! xD And I got Marcus on my little card <33
THANKS SO MUCH! Can't wait to read it! =]

[even if I'm already reading it here, still extra pages >:D]
i love this comic. :]

my b-day is in march too, but it's the third this coming tuesday! xD
BONES! I say. =D
I love that last panel too! (just the whole face squish and everything) I think Ajax will be one of those characters I can't help but love xD
The story and art has really caught my attention. I'm really in awe!