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I like webcomics. I can't draw. I write stuff. Lots of stuff. I don't like onions. I love mashed 'taters. I don't like bananas. I like girls. The banana thing and the girl thing have nothing to do with each other, despite what everyone thinks.

I also noticed I'm a fan of quite the number of webcomics. Can never read too many webcomics.
Woah look at that, new page!

Mia, the not-so-secret badass
And now a look at Don's date with Mark!
Hey everyone!
Wow, its been a long while. Forgive us for this unexpected hiatus. My dear wife had other projects and finals to work on. I also have had a few projects I've worked on, but we're back! I missed these lovely characters and I can't wait to start writing for them again. I missed you all!
This is so delightfully awkward and adorable at the same time.
@skyangel: Parks are definitely the way to go! Either that, or coffee shops.
@skyangel: Aunt May is an absolute sweetheart
Question from the writer, in addition to the artist's question: Do you sleep with your pet?
I quite like her too!
@skyangel: He's an amazing little architect!
"Just passing by"
Lol! What a twist. From wanted to make someone else jealous, to getting engaged.
All the different people you meet while online dating compiled into one page! Very well done.
Oh goodness Alison
My favorite is Spiderman, woo!

Hey-o writer here, commenting after some time. Don't worry, I'm always around reading your lovely comments. Thank you all for your continued support!
January 29th, 2015
One of the best presents I've gotten ^_^
*squealing and fangirling into the sunset*
Woah look at that. First two genderqueer characters. A blast of the past that tells the story of how Claire got her name. Woo.
Lovely to catch up again! I'm glad they parted on such good terms.
Hey everyone! Long time, eh. My artist and I are finally free from school obligations and are ready to continue! Glad to be back.