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why did you break all the plates? haha XD i hope to see that side story hahah
urgh! i ship those guys so much!!!! i want them to at least be super best friends
gasp! could he be a night thing pretending to a dawn creature? or did he pretend to be his brother and commit all those horrible things to get the throne?
watch out! that is not a banana in his pants!
And that's how you do it ladies and gentlemen *clapping* Infinity you da man
March 22nd, 2015
wonderful and cute as always very glad to see your new pages it always makes my day ^w^ thank you for taking the time do so I know school work life can get super crazy! don't stress yourself and thanks again for doing this in your spare time. much love <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
March 22nd, 2015
So cute!!! ^W^
March 22nd, 2015
What!? what is wrong for your son to go to your daughter's party? if its the sun that worries you then a big old sun hat sun glasses a scarf an umbrella and sunscreen are all available down the street otherwise why so mean?
Nothing says total love birds on a romantic date then making out under a tree while shooting a guys brains out... ahhh
Oh my!? a romantic affair?
Gosh what is going on?! XD I cant tell who to feel sorry for and I wonder what the black eyed kids want? Could he be a demon hunter? This is fun none the less cant wait to see what happens next
Le gasp could there be a living understandable person trapped in there? Or are brains like fine wine? better with age? lol
Can't I just give this comic a hug? Its too cute for words!
Ah miss him already? its ok I do too! Don't hold back speak your feelings girl! he feels them too!
What? Like he was just eating pizza and drinking OJ? He got locked out or something? So many questions! there needs to be a watch out haha jk how funny
It always shocks me when I see this at the store sometimes!... this is touching... a little sweet filling deep inside
September 10th, 2014
hahaha I like how sassy these ladies are... *sigh I hope to find my princess too ^w^
September 10th, 2014
Its so cute!!!! How did you know my weakness!!!I love the fact that a girl can be prince charming there needs to be more like comics like that with tons of sweetness ^W^.... your comic is so lovely <3
They are just so cute about it!