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Random _ year old
A Capcom, Konami, SNK, Nintendo, Sega, Namco, Sony,G Gundam, Marvel, (GD) Batman, HnK, JJBA, Internet fanboy who just happens to be insane. w00t.
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    Joe the wanderer
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@Zynk: It's Rock and Thomas Light. They got fooled by Mr. X.
@MegaBossMan: HE IS NOT A FISH! ... Is what he would say as per the running gag.
Is Terra STILL stuck in his standing sprite?
@GamingNinja: If you count the X series, the players *do* hate Light- Thanks to his capsules in annoying locations.
@MegaBoyX7 & @MegaMan3Master (Guest): Fair enough.
Le Oh Snap. A professional criminal that made a Spring Man is criticizing the designs.
@MegaBossMan: But you can kick logic to the curb. How do I argue with you?
@BaconBub: Spiny Shell incoming.
@MegaBoyX7: ... Fair enough. Still, I don't think he has something that can shut down the military...
I don't think that's how being the father of Modern Robotics works.
@MasterTalon: I smell combat and a speech.
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: She might do it another time though.
Oh, good. He *does* remember Megaman World IV.
Disco DIED, remember?
@MasterTalon: This is not Mr. Freeze though. Eh. Whatever. I'll take your word for it.
Blue does not strike me as a particularly villainous color.