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I'm still here. Havn't said anything before but.. I'm still here :P
Very nice. I enjoyed your work so far. Keep it up!
Suicidal Lemming..... AND OH NOES!!
I can say who it is! It's [Word removed]! What?? Word removed? Damn you donkey!!
Old Style
October 10th, 2007

I expected the same thing :P
OH NO!!!
BOOOOOOB!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! hehe he went ASPLODE
to Joe4Evr aswel
Hey Joe4Evr they're showing Megaman NT Warrior on Jetix. You can watch it :D (not that it's a great anime or something...)

And RyanMC, great comic!

Megaman, the spandex wearing midget
I read all the comics
It only took me about an hour... you just read slow I guess....