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A computer programmer and tutor from Brampton, Ontario (between Hamilton and Toronto)
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Is Mona related to Modest Medusa?
Get home, have a shower, calling for messages for her various alter egos (Dr. Minerva Daniels, Lawyer Paula Solomon, etc), see how her android copy is doing at Mr. Hardy's pet shop, etc.
Doctor? Which Doctor?
MM: Doctor, you here?
I am pretty sure Mindmistress would use a full sentence, as in:
MM: Doctor, are you here?

But this of course gets me thinking of the other Doctor.
MM: Doctor, are you here?
Doctor: Nuts. I was hoping to be elsewhen by the time she showed up.
Clara: Why? Who is that?
Doctor: One of the few people in the universe that is actually smarter than me, and she did not spend 2000 years learning all she knows, like I have. If she ever truly understands temporal mechanics, she would become exceedingly dangerous. As it is, she is just very dangerous.
MM: Now, that voice has a familiar quality to it, but you have changed. You mentioned that you can alter your appearance when you regenerate, but I did not think it would be this radical. It is good to see you again, Doctor. For me, it has been 2 years and 16 days since I last saw you. Surely, it has been a little different for you.
Doctor: You see? She knows exactly how long, down the hour, it has been since we last met, well, from her point of view. For me is was somewhere about 700 years ago. I have even forgotten what I looked like then.
MM: Actually, I know it a lot more precisely than that, but I just thought I would round off to the day. Back then, you were actually quite a bit shorter, with curly brown hair. The collar on your shirt had question marks on the tips.
Doctor: Was it a multicoloured outfit, with big panels of red and green and orange? I really don't remember why I thought that outfit was a good idea.
MM: No, by then you were wearing a more sensible outfit with a vest; you seemed to like carrying an umbrella wherever you went.
Doctor: Ah yes, I remember me. In some ways, I miss him. Nuts, it's too bad English does not have a pronoun for the person you used to be.
MM: I can relate. Perhaps if you taught me the language of your home planet?
Doctor: Normally, I would say it is impossible for you to understand it, but in your case, it might be possible, but I can foresee complications.

Edit: I did not realize I wrote so much in the comment until I posted, but I will leave it.
Spirit and genetics blended.
Wait a minute. Didn't these guys already leave?
The right tool for the right job. Although Perfect can be a tool at times, is he right for the job?
Now that he is a Death, a necromancer could manipulate him and that just would not do.
Let's see, fusing the hydrogen in one pound of body fat will be able to launch the space shuttle into solar orbit near Venus, from Earth, if I have done the math right. She can do this.
So, are the Power Players yet another web-comic? I can't seem to find them in web searches.
Well, at least they were not in it when the Catwalk shut down.
@MiB: It may have been a little busy at the time.

Hmm, the last man on Earth? The last woman is over in the renamed St. Petersburg. You might want to go see her.
This is definitely more than "Oops".
Too bad the CrossOverLord already took out MM's alternate selves.
"Exposing a weakness to our enemies." A weakness the tacticians on the team, like The Knight and Mindmistress, will figure how to use to their advantage.
Obvious to one person is a broken chain of obscure connections to many others. This woman could give Columbo a headache.
@man in black: Hide-in-plain-sight. Psyco Suzi grabbed a "do not touch" sword. The sign is a genuine warning, but she takes it (the sign and the sword) as a challenge. Challenge accepted. Sucker!
Who drew this one? I was startled by, what appeared to me, radical appearance changes on Frostbitten and MM. Her arms appear to much too narrow. Also the extra bend in Hoodoo's left arm just under her shoulder is disconcerting too.
Was that a gut kick or a groin shot? I guess either could be effective.
I don't think Knight's plan involved the death feed-back, as I don't think he knew of it, but with Eruption out of the way and the rest of the gang distracted, it is time for our heroes to press the advantage.
I am pretty sure MM has studied pretty much every martial art available to her, and she can figure out how to adapt them for a much larger opponent. He is actually outclassed, but does not realize it yet.