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this is cute, has a lot of potential... keep up the awesome work!
Quite the suspense at the moment, you never fail to deliver haha.
as usual
Love this, excellent job! x)
All is forgiven
Hahaha I am happy as long as this beautiful thing continues.
This is a satisfying update! Congratulations on your nomination, it is well deserved!
On a more positive note (which was already mentioned by Nelielbell, though I would like to expand upon), judging by Louis' face it would appear he has been made aware of his relationship with Daniel, how much he gets along with him, cares for him, and setting in the ultimate question that will lead him to further investigate his feelings for Daniel: "why?." It is funny in a way, yet necessary, that it took someone of the opposite sex failing to get into his pants to make him realize this amazing situation he is in. I just love how he got put into Lori's perspective. And with that, G.H.S.T, I say well played... Brilliantly played actually!
I understand Lori's jealousy. However, she lets it get the best of her and is real bitch to Daniel and there is no excuse for that. Especially after what she just pulled. I still hate her, I have no pity. She has yet to prove herself worthy of forgiveness... aka a sincere heartfelt apology to Daniel, not Louis. I know I am completely disregarding her emotions, but I am an "INTJ," I use only logic.
Actually guys, the one thing we know about Cooly is that he is a male... redundant statement I know. Anyways this is supported by the character descriptions tab.
When I read "Run, bitch, run!!" All i could think of was Dave Chapelle's skit with Wayne Brady. Hahaha
My reaction went something like this "Hahahaha What!? Heh heh Louis what on Earth are you doing to yourself!?" then I suddenly felt Louis' emotions coarse through me. I began to blush and sweat nervously. I frantically looked away from my laptop's screen and covered my mouth is if I was the one who just said something really stupid and was trying to prevent anything else from coming out. Then reality snapped back in and I painfully face as palmed myself as usual for letting a characters emotionally consume me. I am the most awkward reader... -_-
Lori... X(
I absolutely hate Lori, I hope Louis defends Daniel and then brutally snubs her.
This f#$%ing b#$%
Louis better say something to this b#$%... ¬_¬ I'm very introverted, and tend to keep to myself, but even I know when I need to step outside my comfort zone and stand up for someone.... I'm so glad I stayed in the closet in High School. My life would have been absolute hell.
So cute, the classmates are jerks though :/ I personally feel that
I wish I could draw this well. I can draw very well, just not like this