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Welcome back!
Welcome back after a long break! Can't wait to see what else is in store.
Can't Wait!
I can't wait for Chapter 6. The journey down into D'ni includes some of my favorite parts, and definitely some of my favorite visual moments. I want to see the great shaft, the abandoned machinery, the crystalline caverns, all of it!
Beautiful Shot!
Makes ME almost miss the Cleft.
He's so innocent. But Anna seems to know more than she's letting on.
A different take on Gehn. (Unless my memory of the book is failing me.) I like it; I like seeing that there is some depth emotion other than anger and disdain in Gehn.
@larkinheather: That definitely came across for me. It seems like Gehn backed away and withdrew his arms, brushing her off.
@Ahlisendar: Hm... no I think the desert trader actually did have a giant lizard. They called him "Lizard Man" after all.
@Marein: Naw, Gehn scritches his head on the last page
That last panel gives me chills, it's so exciting. Wishing I were in Atrus' shoes right then!
(Sorry folks, I forgot there are people here who haven't read the books!)

I don't like the removal of the episode where Flame is accidentally killed by Atrus' experiments. It was a sad, poignant, and I think important part of BoA. Atrus learns early on that he must be careful with his experiments and creations, that his curiosity and intellect can have serious unintended consequences, something Gehn has never learned. I'm hoping this lesson is merely postponed until later, and not entirely skipped.

EDIT: Although I suppose the incident with the battery covers this topic adequately. Maybe I'm being too critical. And I do like that cat. (-:
(Sorry folks, I forgot there are people here who haven't read the books!)

Just as I thought. "Rij" is a replacement for Rijus, Gehn's mute manservant on K'veer. I posted last week that I suspected, since Rijus' story was completely unexplained, that the comic's author had simply chosen to make him into something else. I had always thought Rijus to be something of an anomaly in the book. I will be interested to see where this leads.