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Hello! I'm shoe aka tumblr user snefrev. I draw comics sometimes.
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jean samra: gonna fuck u up

i'm gonna do a series of these maybe probably (# ´_ゝ`)

not mentioned: they go to the same school in new york. there are a bunch of schools in new york
comics are very very hard and i am very very bad
jean samra is a cobra and she'll be important if i can manage to forward the plot
the truth about this webcomic is it's really just a long series of drawings depicting how much of a giant sissy mister peck is

do not tap on the glass
aka "erl peck reacts badly to people speaking to him" the comic

i need new jokes
he's actually a pigeon angel. true form erl bb1.jpg

the umbrella is the source of his ~magic powers
someone asked me if i was a tourist once and it was the WORST i am so humiliated
he's really just an ordinary dude!! also he's 141 and dead

he majors in history somewhere
@AkoNako: I'm on my phone so i can't see how bad it messes up the page _(:3」∠)_ as soon as i can get to a comp i'll fix it up!! thank you \o/
this isn't really a college specific thing (if you go to a crazy grade-heavy high school like me it's about the same anyway) but what i've noticed is that nobody does any work until right before the test and then you study for 5 hours while crying and stufing your face with chocolate

maybe it's just me
nobody thinks erl is a name (especially not starbucks people, Darn)
there are unspoken subway etiquette rules and one of them is if you make eye contact with anyone you suck

i don't have a scanner right now. bloop