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Love this page. Really well done.

Really turned out well ^^
that cheeky guy reminds me of Sonic ehehehehe
@Kallaen: gratuluji :DD
@Kallaen: ano, je -
český překlad je však pozastavený na nějakou dobu :)
I just thought as if the first is not coloured as well... :D
nevermind :D
@Captain Apricot: well, I thought if there's something like "as long as" or "if" etc., I am supposed to write it all in present simple? >_>
I am not a native speaker so I could have typed it wrong :/ I am sorry :<
@Captain Apricot: Shota told Ritsu that an upcoming test was only for volunteers so Ritsu didn't have to learn for it. But Shota was wrong, and so Ritsu failed hard. Ritsu's now afraid he will get expelled from school later because of Shota. He freaked out.
Allright, second for me :DD