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August 20th, 2012
Hahaha, it's role reversal time for Charon and Deian.

I love the alt page. XD
I think there are words missing in Daniel's speech bubble, second panel.
December 4th, 2011
Gee Charon, you're even more careless than Hannah. Happy Bday.

Pompi, you are the master of car drawings.
I love that monster! Those lovely eyes! Those shiny teeth! That pretty skin(?)!
I'm serious, that monster looks awesome. Also, I love the perspective in the last panel, especially the way you drew Nico.
I love how you draw that monster. I want to poke its eyes...

If this page is shitty, then I don't know what a good page is anymore.
I am sure that the prefects would make good monster hunters.

It was nice to know you, Seth.
November 27th, 2011
Deian is such a good friend for Melia and Charon. They should treasure him a bit more.

Hahaha, Olive is such a ninja.

...I didn't know there could be crazier drivers than those who live in my city. I hope Charon can get to school safely. Melia, be careful when you get out of school. Be very careful.

I love the details you put in the hallway. And the Hot Wheel car is kind of nostalgic. Haven't played with those for a long time, hahaha. XD

BTW, my Google Chrome thinks that Yumble has a virus. :(
...I'll never be able to see cards the same way again.