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I'm a web animator making my way into the world of web comics, something I've wanted to do for a long time but haven't had the right idea or characters until now.

Few episodes of Joys webcomics have been animated already, you can see them here.
The End
Reminder: Joy To The World ends on Dec 13th, which is the 3rd anniversery of the webcomic. However even though its ending, its not finished.

You see I still have comics to make for it, Halloween Candy needs to be finished/restated. When I say restarted I mean I'll be starting over on it. Why? Because I'm a perfectionist and aren't happy with what I have, but I found a middle ground to make things work out. I'm also going to be expanding the story a little more so that its a little longer.

I'm also re-drawing the old comics with the new art style, there were 138 comics initially, I have 33 of them finished right now. This will also include new comics I'm doing for The Sunday comics so by the time I finish everything up there will probably be between 240-250 or so Joy comics in total.

I'd say that there might be about 8 or so comics left before I finish things up on the 13th. 2016 will still have plenty of Joy.
Its not being cancelled. Its just hitting a stopping point that I'll return to at a later date.

I've got other comics I need to put my time into.
Stopping the webcomic on Dec 13th.

Which will be the 3rd anniversary of the comic. While this wont be the actual end of the comic, it will be at a stopping point that I can return to at a later date.I was initially planning on stopping this month as I said about a year prior, but I'll finish off this last major story arc before I stop.

But after almost 3 years of working on Joy its time to work on something else, I've got other worlds to explore and characters to share. Still fumbling around with that Halloween Candy comic which is taking incredibly long to finish because I cant panel Manga style no matter what I try.
New Joy Vine!

Also I'm a part of a Kickstarter for the Sunday Comics which is an anthology comic book, Joy comics will be printed on this book if it reaches its goal. If you're interested take a look at the kickstarter page! er-150-creators
Nope. Just evil girls with fangs to add to the look.
The Cover for the comic.
Episode 2 of Halloween...Candy 2
"Halloween...Candy" Episode 1 on Youtube
Episode 1 on Youtube

Episode 1 on Newgrounds
Ah, you all arent familiar with who I am outside of being a webcomic artist.

I've been a flash animator for over 10 years and dicked around with various styles, still trying to find one that really sticks with me. Joy was originally a flash animated series on youtube that fell apart due to my life kind of crapping up.

EDIT: Reached the $50 goal in a day. Wow. $55.75 donated total. Thats $19.25 left on the stretch goal! Thanks everyone who donated! I really appreciate it!
Ok gents and gentles, this is a BIG project and I could use a few donations to make it happen. I don't normally even consider crowdfunding, as I don't think my work has much value, but this project is special. If you wanna donate $1, donate $1. If you wanna donate $3.50, donate $3.50. Anything is appreciated!

Both goals have been reached! Thanks to everyone who donated!
I did finish the earlier storyline. It was only meant to be an introduction to the new antagonist. Her storyline is actually looking at being quite large.
Life is letting up on me a little bit, so finishing up this story arc. Might update irregularly, but I don't know.
End of Joy to the World
Well folks, this is it for Joy. My life has it a pretty big speed bump and I just can't continue working on this webcomic anymore. Thanks for all the views, comments and support.
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