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It's been a wild ride, thank you guys for sticking with us! I'm really stoked for the change in format, so I hope that all of you will be as well!

We're looking in to ways to continue publishing the VN in a similar manner to the comic. Look forward to news of that as well as we find out more.

Is this the end? Nay. 'Tis only the beginning!
A moment of silence for Lord Space Whale.
I'm not sure if it's Amelia or the space whale screaming, and I am okay with that.
You know what they say about big whales...

@NomnomNami: How many names am I having to go by now? Haha

An interestingly over-complex theory!

Or you could just click through the link and find the earbleeder this unearthly cry is meant to resemble.
Seems like a

<img src="" alt="*puts on sunglasses*">

whale of an issue.
Space Jail is pretty unnatural too.
Divert all power to forward cannons!
Oh. Maybe you shouldn't have done that?
Actually, you should probably do a little dance.
@No life: Well, she's got both tsun and dere going on right now!
@Lady Hio: Such beautiful babies.
Toot toot! All aboard! The ship is now leaving port!
The perks of being super famous.
Seriously, I've been doing all the work down here while you've been chilling up on your jRPG home base.
What a kind, thoughtful person you are, Wizard! :o)
[muffled Connect playing in the distance]