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As much as enjoy drawing and comics, I haven't been able to write one. But I like reading them. I'll stick to that till then.
(I'm working on one D: )
I would've felt the same way! xD
Happy Christmas!
Hell yisss!
SEE!? Altaire understands!!! :'D
Keep it going! Keep it going! :D
July 10th, 2015
lol those morals will get you, man!
We all know you want that ass, boy!
Sounds like this fellow has experience? ;D
I eat on the couch too
I don't mind you sharing a bed with him. ( •_•)
Yeaaaahhhh! Take it off, sexy papi!
Yay!!!! Cheers to many more!
I'm pretty sure this was what we were all thinking. ;)
Oh, it's on now!
No, Altaire. Focus. Focus on serving your beau that giant heap of mashed potatoes. I also love how his laundry is everywhere.
Be more adorable you two!!!
omg this fool...ugh...he IS cute though...
Oh god I can see him just sitting there, snapping his fingers and singing with his eyes closed. Please have him do a song at some point! xD
Oh hold up. Is dat sum...KARAOKE!?
God. They're both so cute. I wonder what his place is like...? ;)
Awww. S'okay, Altaire. You're just too damn sexy. ;)